RMLNLU announces 2nd National Model UN Conference 2017

RMLNLU is privileged to announce its second national MUNC and invites all the emerging and young diplomats from all the undergraduate and post graduate colleges all over India. To be held in, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow, India the event promises to provide a quality debate and high standards of diplomacy and dialogues under its proficient heritage.
Dates of the Conference: 18th – 19th March, 2017
Venue: Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow, India
Committees: We release the committees to be simulated at RMLNLU MUN’17, for our most seasoned delegates :
RMLNLU MUN ’17 offers the application-based United Nations Security Council. UNSC provides delegates with the most dynamic committee experience: engage with the best delegates on the circuit, learn from our most experienced Chairs and debate in a high-intensity, high-stakes setting.
The General Assembly committee is the largest and one of the most intense committee of RMLNLU MUN ’17. This year’s committee will be unprecedented in its scope and substance. In addition to requiring research from delegates, this committee will be the ultimate test of delegates’ ability to share their ideas and work with other delegates.
United Nations Human Rights Commission features a broad range of issues involving human rights protections, scientific advancement, criminal justice, economic development and other important aspects of Human Rights. Delegates will challenge each other to think deeply about resolving not only global concerns, but also individual nations’ roles in an increasingly global world.
The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations program consisting of an Executive board with 36 elected Member States. As a globally working humanitarian and development agency, UNICEF leads in protecting and promoting the rights of children around the world; these rights range from basic necessities such as nutrition and safe shelter to protection from conflict, pre-natal care, clean water, healthcare, and education. RMLNLU MUN ’17 brings to you a chance to be a part of this legendary committee.
The All India Political Parties Meet is a simulation where prominent representatives from around the country assemble to discuss, debate and deliberate upon some of the greatest issues that the country faces today. Unlike the Lok Sabha or other Parliamentary bodies, AIPPM is not a binding committee and hence the resolutions passed here cannot be perceived in the form of laws or schemes. However, the press release passed will serve as a directive for proceedings in the parliamentary bodies. This turns out to be the most interesting committee with its more informal dialogue and party politics.
Application form:
Country matrix :
Delegate registration form:
Yashkriti Ratan (Deputy Secretary General) : +919451435701 or
Rishabh Bhandari (USG Public Relation) : +918604923712
Facebook link: fb.me/rmlnlu.munc

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