Day 1

Inauguration Ceremony

Hi folks! Warm welcome to the 7th ILNU National Moot Court Competition, 2017, In Association With the Chambers of Shri K.T.S. Tulsi, Senior Advocate. We have around 47 teams from across the nation participating in the competition this year. The Chief Guest for the evening is Prof. (Dr.) Shamnad Basheer (founder of SpicyIP and IDIA). We are also graced by the presence of Ms. Nimisha Shrivastava, Prof. (Dr.) Purvi Pokhariyal (Director and Dean, ILNU), Dr. Tarkesh Molia (Academic Coordinator, ILNU) and Mr. U. Varadharajan (Assistant Professor, ILNU, and Faculty Chairperson of Moot Court Organizing Committee, ILNU).


5:00 p.m.-

Address by Prof. (Dr.) Purvi Pokhariyal- Prof. Pokhariyal began by welcoming all the participants to ILNU. She commended the record breaking participation that the moot has seen this time. She observed that for law students, moot is sacrosanct activity. She stressed on the importance of moving from cognition to meta-cognitive learning. She seemed very happy to have all the participants on the campus. She signed off by wishing all the participants best of luck and a comfortable stay on the campus of ILNU.

Address by Prof. (Dr.) Shamnad Basheer- Prof. Basheer began by thanking Prof. Pokhariyal for the honour of inviting him to the Inaugural Ceremony. He congratulated ILNU and the team which put together the competition. He observed that while studying laws, studying philosophy is also important, as it helps develop your thinking process. He stressed on the importance of criminal law, as it reflects the society. It gives a lawyer more deep insight into the working of the society. He signed off by wishing all the participants best of luck.

Address by Ms. Nimisha Shrivastava- Ms. Shrivastava began by mentioning how she discovered law very late in her life. She said that she eventually realized that she had missed out on a lot, as law seemed very interesting. She also stressed on the importance of awareness regarding child sexual abuse. She signed off by thanking Prof. Pokhariyal for inviting her to the ceremony.

Vote of Thanks by Ms. Rashi Tater (Secretary of National Moot Court Competition)- Ms. Tater began by inviting all the participants to the competition. She extended her gratitude to Prof. (Dr.) Purvi Pokhariyal, Dr. Tarkesh Molia and Mr. U. Varadharajan for their support. She signed off by wishing all the participants best of luck.


5:20 p.m.-

The draw of lots is under way. All the participants seem quite nervous!


5:50 p.m.-

The exchange of memos is about to start. The participants sure seem quite excited!


6:10 p.m.-

The Researchers’ Test is under way in the Smart Classroom! All the best to the researchers.


6:35 p.m.-

The procedure of exchange of memos has begun. It sure seems like a long procedure. The participants seem to have doubts regarding the marking scheme in the prelims. Our Moot Court Organizing Committee Chairperson Mr. Bobby Jain answered the queries like a pro!

7:15 p.m.-

The exchange of memos is finally done, and the Researchers’ Test is also over. Suddenly the Seminar Hall is buzzing with energy! All the participants will now depart for dinner.

This is all for today, folks! The Moot Court Organizing Committee wishes all the teams best of luck for the competition which starts tomorrow. Good night!


9:00 a.m.-

Good morning folks! It’s a bright new day in Ahmedabad, and breakfast time is almost over. All the volunteers have started pouring in. The campus is buzzing with energy, and the participants look eager to argue before the judges. The Moot Court Organizing Committee, ILNU wishes the participants best of luck!

9:15 a.m.-

The judges for the preliminary rounds are-

  1. Mr. Bhadrish Raju
  2. Mr. Nisarg Trivedi
  3. Mrs. Yashma Mathur
  4. Mr. Aditya Pandya
  5. Mr. Ekrama Qureshi
  6. Mr. Dhruvin Bhuptani
  7. Mr. Siddharth Bapna
  8. Mr. Kaustubh Prakash
  9. Mr. Harshil Dattani
  10. Mr. Vishal Patel
  11. Mr. Ravish Bhatt
  12. Mr. Japan Dave
  13. Mr. Nachiket Mehta
  14. Mr. Digant Kakkad
  15. Mr. Renjith Nair
  16. Mr. Bhash Mankad
  17. Mrs. Garima Malhotra
  18. Mr. Kanva Antani
  19. Mr. Anuj Trivedi
  20. Mr. Nirav Mishra
  21. Mr. Manan Bhatt
  22. Mrs. Khushi Pandya
  23. Mr. Kshitij Amin
  24. Mr. Umang Oza
  25. Mr. Maunish Pathak
  26. Ms. Niyati Juthani
  27. Mr. Ankit Shah
  28. Mr. Pratik Jasani
  29. Mr. Shaishav Pandit
  30. Ms. Divyangana Jhala
  31. Mr. Hardik Soni
  32. Mr. Tanmay Karia


The following teams are participating in the competition-

  1. Indore Institute of Law
  2. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, School of Law
  3. Padala Rama Reddi Law College
  4. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
  5. Chaudhary Charan Singh University
  6. N.B. Thakur Law College
  7. Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University
  8. Auro University
  9. Faculty of Law, Allahabad
  10. SASTRA University
  11. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law
  12. Amity University, Noida
  13. Faculty of Law, University of Delhi
  14. Vels University
  15. Shankarrao Chavan Law College
  16. Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad
  17. ILS, Pune
  18. Tamil Nadu National Law School
  19. School of Excellence in Law, Chennai
  20. Govind Kare College, Goa
  21. KIIT University
  22. UPES, Dehradun
  23. SDM Law College
  24. Sinhgad Law College
  25. Guru Gobind Indraprasth University
  26. Bishop Cotton Law College
  27. NLU, Orissa
  28. GLS, Ahmedabad
  29. NUALS, Kochi
  30. Pravin Gandhi Law College
  31. Christ University, School of Law
  32. NLIU, Bhopal
  33. Salgaokar University
  34. HNLU, Raipur
  35. GLC, Mumbai
  36. Banarasi Das University
  37. MNLU, Mumbai
  38. Amity University, Delhi
  39. DSNLU, Vishakhapatnam
  40. University of Law, Delhi
  41. NUSRL, Ranchi
  42. Savitribai Phule University
  43. GNLU, Gandhinagar
  44. SLS, Pune
  45. NUJS, Kolkata
  46. Amity Law School, Noida
  47. CMR, Bangalore


10:10 a.m.-

The briefing of the judges is over, and after a group photograph, the participants are moving towards their respective courtrooms. The first round of the prelims is about to start.

10:45 a.m.-

MC-01- IL 1 v. IL 13-

The counsel for the appellants explains the definition of ‘bounds of annoyance to others’. The counsel is prepared with case laws to support her theory. The judges don’t seem convinced, though. They cross-question the counsel on the provisions of POCSO Act. The counsel handles them well, even though she seems a bit flustered.

11:25 a.m.-

MC-04- IL 38 v. IL-16-

The judges are bombarding the counsel with questions regarding the Moot Proposition. The counsel seems to be having a hard time answering all their queries. All the best to her! The judges point out typographical errors in the memorandum submitted by the appellant counsel, and discrepancies in the Prayer.

12 Noon-

MC-11- IL 11 v. IL 23-

The Judges question the counsel about public policy. The counsel doesn’t seem to be able to answer a query of the Judges. The researcher helps.

MC 13- IL 44 v. IL 36-

The Judges, after grilling the counsel on points of law, ask the counsel to wrap up his arguments. It seems like the counsel has done well. The second counsel for the respondents is defending the app from the Moot Proposition in spite of representing the State. The Judges are now confused.

MC-10- IL 10 v. IL 22-

The Judge questions the counsel on Article 19(2). The counsel differentiates between private and public rights. It seems like a good discourse between the Judges and the counsel.

12:50 p.m.-

MC-8- IL 16 v. IL 25-

The Judge questions the counsel on the jurisdiction. He doesn’t seem convinced, though. The counsel moves on to the provisions of the Indian Evidence Act.

3:30 p.m.-

Lunch time is almost over @ILNU. The preliminary rounds are also winding up. Now we wait for the results!

5:30 p.m.-

The much awaited results are finally out! The teams which have qualified for the Quarter Finals are-

IL 32

IL 17

IL 21

IL 29

IL 31

IL 5

IL 41

IL 43

The Moot Court Organizing Committee, ILNU, wishes all the Quarter Finalists the best of luck for their rounds!

Quarter Finals

MC-01- IL 43 v. IL 32-

The Judge questions the counsel for the appellant on jurisdiction. It seems that the counsel is well versed with her case. She is answering the questions posed by the Judges with utmost ease. The Judges have a query regarding the definition of penetrative sexual assault. The counsel mentions POCSO Act.

MC-04- IL 31 v. IL 29-

The counsel is arguing about how the CEO should be held strictly liable, and is making passing references to the IT Act. She defines obscenity by quoting certain case laws.

MC-03- IL 21 v. IL 5-

The counsel for the appellants is defining soliciting for the purpose of prostitution. The Judges seem convinced by his arguments. The counsel attacks the love finder app like a pro, by saying that they did not observe due diligence. He contends that the app should be banned.

The counsel for the respondent is quite sharp and quick in answering. She seems pleased with her arguments.

MC-02- IL 41 v. IL 17-

The Judge seems confused about whether the counsel for the respondent is arguing pro-app or anti-app. The Judge asks the counsel to justify the multiple FIR’s filed by the Police.

Counsel- The persons were inebriated when they went inside the room. Pretty obvious as to what was going on.

Judge- Why? They could be meditating for all we know.

THIS courtroom is so much fun!

11:30 p.m.-

So finally during the Gala Dinner, the results of the Quarter Finals were announced. The teams which have qualified for the Semi Finals are (in no particular order)-

  1. NUSRL, Ranchi
  2. NUALS, Kochi
  3. NLIU, Bhopal
  4. Lloyd Law College, Noida

These teams begin their Semi Final rounds tomorrow at 10 a.m. sharp. Congratulations to the qualified teams! It is sure going to be an interesting Semi Finals tomorrow. Good night!



10:00 a.m.-

Good morning folks! The preparation for the Semi Finals is almost over. The match-ups are as follows-

IL 5 (Lloyd Law College) v. IL 29 (NUALS Kochi)

IL 32 ( NLIU Bhopal) v. IL 41 (NUSRL Ranchi)

The Moot Court Organizing Committee, ILNU, wishes all the participants best of luck for the rounds.

11:00 a.m.-

NLIU Bhopal v. NUSRL Ranchi-

The Judge asks the counsel to summarize his arguments before dealing with the intricacies. Now the counsel seems confused. The counsel argues that the Love Finder App has emerged as a platform for solicitation of prostitution. The counsel compares crime reports of UK and US to those of India. The Judges don’t seem to buy his argument.

Lloyd Law College v. NUALS Kochi-

The Judge questions the counsel about balancing of interests. He speaks about the procedure to be followed for reporting objectionable content online. The Judge breaks the argument of the counsel logically. The counsel is now at a loss of words. The counsel for the respondents contends that consent by minor is immaterial in the present case.

12:30 p.m.-

The Semi Finals are over, and it is almost lunch time. Now we wait for the results!

1:50 p.m.-

The results of the Semi Finals are out! And the finalists are NUALS, Kochi and NLIU, Bhopal. All the best to both the teams. The finals begin very soon!

2:20 p.m.-

Judging the finals today are-

1. Hon’ble Mr Justice N.V.Anjaria

2. Hon’ble Mr Justice B.N.Karia

3. Mr K.T.S. Tulsi, Senior Advocate

4. Mr. S. N. Shelat, Former Advocate General

5. Mrs. Geeta Luthra, Senior Advocate

NUALS, Kochi v. NLIU, Bhopal-

The counsel for the appellant is arguing very well. The Judges have not interrupted him as of now. The Judges don’t have a lot of questions to ask. They do have many clarifications though. The Judges seem overall impressed by the arguments of both the counsels.

The counsel for the respondent is trying to put forth his arguments based on logic. This has caught the attention of the Judges, and now they are all cross-questioning him. All the best to him!

3:50 p.m.-

The final round is now over. The Judges have submitted their scores. The Valedictory Session is about to start.

Valedictory Session

We are graced by the presence of Shri K.T.S. Tulsi, Senior Advocate, Ms Geeta Luthra, Senior Advocate, Prof. (Dr.) Purvi Pokhariyal, Director and Dean, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Dr. Tarkesh Molia, Academic Coordinator, ILNU, and Mr. U. Varadharajan, Faculty Coordinator, Moot Court Organizing Committee.

And the results are out-

Best researcher- Mr. Nilotpalam Tiwari, GNLU

Best Speaker- Mr. Ankit Gupta, NLIU, Bhopal

Best memo- NUALS, Kochi

Best team/Winner- NLIU, Bhopal

Runners Up- NUALS, Kochi

This is all for this edition of the 7th ILNU National Moot Court Competition, 2017, In Association With the Chambers of Shri K.T.S. Tulsi, Senior Advocate. We’ll see you all next year, with new zeal and enthusiasm. We promise we’ll be bigger and better next time.  

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