Central Information Commission (CIC): While observing that the Copying Fee Rules of the Railway Board is not consistent with the RTI Rules, CIC has directed Railway Board to amend Railway Rules regarding copying charges to bring them in conformity with the letter and spirit of the RTI Act and Rules. Said directions of CIC were issued on an appeal filed by a person who had sought a certified copy of travel certificate or TT report or any evidence that shows that whether two wait list passengers had travelled on a particular e-ticket or not. Earlier, the appellant approached CPIO as well as First Appellate Authority regarding the matter but got no reply. Before CIC, Railways officials stated that the appellant was asked to deposit copying fee Rs. 750 for reservation chart as per Railway Rules but the appellant did not respond to that letter.

After hearing the parties, CIC directed the Railway Board to stop charging Rs 750 per page for photocopying and follow the rules of RTI Act which has fixed Rs two per page for such information. CIC also directed Railway Board to provide information to the appellant and to, “take steps to amend the rules regarding copying charges suitably to bring them in conformity with the letter and spirit of the RTI Act and Rules. [Radha Krishna Mathur v. Railway Board, Appeal No. CIC/VS/A/2015/900652, decided on December 5, 2016]

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