Tamil Nadu Govt. enhances maternity leave to 9 months

GO (Ms) No. 105 dated  07.11.2016

1.  G.O. (Ms) No. 51,  Personnel and Administrative Reforms (FR.III) Department. dated 16.05.2011.

2.  G.O.  (Ms) No 61, Personnel and Administrative  Reforms (FR·”’) Department,  dated 16.06.2011.

3.  G.O. (Ms) No.138, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (FR·IV) Department.  dated 19.11 2013.


In  the   Government  Orders   first and second read above, orders  were issued enhancing   the  maternity   leave  from  90 days  to 160 days to married  women  government servants,  with less  than  two  surviving  children,  which may  be spread  over  from  the pre-confinement rest to post-confinement   recuperation,  with full pay, at the option of the women Government  Servant. Accordingly,  in the Government  Order third read above, Rule 101(a) of the Fundamental   Rules was  also amended.

2. The  Government,   after careful  consideration,  based on the announcement  made in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 01.09.2016,  under Rule  110 of  the Legislative Assembly Rules order that the  maternity leave admissible to married women government servants with less than two surviving  children, which is  6 months (180 days)  at present, be enhanced to 9 months (270 days), with full pay, which may be spread  over from  the pre-confinement rest to post·confinement recuperation,  at the option of the women  government servant. The women   government servants who  proceeded on maternity leave, prior to the date of issue of this order and continue to be  on that leave as of now, are also eligible for availing  maternity leave up to 9 months (270 days), in total.

3.  Necessary amendments  to the Fundamental  Rules will be  issued  separately.


The Personnel and Administrative Reforms (FR. III) Department


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