Parvathy P. from Kerala Law Academy shares her experience with SCC Online

My experience with SCC Online began with a moot court competition where SCC Online was the knowledge partners and we were given a basic understanding of the usage and overall working of the online application. So as a mooter I was always encouraged to refer books and journals from the library and not turn to other recourses such as softwares and websites. But often we’ve had to turn to other recourses when time runs short.

To quote an instance, in one moot proposition I’ve had to deal with the issues of the offence of rape and the lodging of the FIR on the same. It took a considerable amount of time for me to find a couple of cases on the same when I was going through the volumes of SCC at the college library and time was running short as I had to prepare for my university exams as well in between. That is when I turned to SCC Online. I made use of its search within the search results option, wherein first I entered the section and statute concerning the offence of rape and within the results of which I searched for the issue regarding the lodging of the FIR. A large number of precedents as well as articles were put up for my disposal. After going through the brief head note which contained the facts and main issues of the case as well the final decision, I could also get a printout of the entire judgment from the site. In a short span of time I managed to get a good number of latest precedents as well as articles by eminent judges and various law commission reports to prepare my memorials for the moot competition on time. Furthermore, during the competition in between the rounds when I’ve had to look up the facts of a case or which bench decided a particular case, SCC Online has always been the best recourse. It gives the most accurate results, in a matter of seconds.

Also, in most of my internships at law firms I’ve mostly had to do research work. I’ve been expected to help the advocates in finding precedents and help prepare the brief for the cases to be argued the next day. I’ve interned with firms dealing both in criminal as well as civil cases. Again SCC Online has proved to be a huge help, as the online platform covers almost all areas of law. SCC Online has limited the burden of effort to be put in as all it needs is an accurate input of sections and detailed scanning of the results. I’ve been able to exhibit a good show of research skills with the help of SCC Online as the results always provide us with the latest and accurate precedents.

Again through its student reporter program and blog I’m also up to date with the various events and competitions happening throughout the law colleges in India. Ultimately as a mooter and law student my experience with SCC Online has been the best. The site rarely has any glitches and is the most reliable search engine for law students. SCC Online is now my first choice when it comes to research.

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