Existing and continuing NET and Non-NET fellowships to be looked into by the Review Committee

In order to bring about change in the higher education sector, the Government of India has decided to establish a Review Committee to go into the issues related to the research fellowships provided by the University Grants Commission (UGC) covering both NET and Non-NET fellowships.

The issues related to the research fellowships provided by UGC are:

* feasibility of enhancing the number of NET fellowships which are merit based

* establishment of a transparent system to transfer the fellowship amount each month to the Non-NET fellows, who do not get the benefit of Direct Transfer as mandated by the Government and are presently paid on reimbursement basis

* provision of giving the benefits and opportunities of the Non-NET fellowship scheme to a larger number of Universities, including State Universities

* considering economic and other criteria for eligibility for non-NET fellowships

* recommending guidelines for the selection, coverage, award, and administration of the non-NET fellowships.

The Review Committee will submit its report to the Ministry of Human Resource Development by the end of this year. All the existing and continuing fellowships NET as well as Non-NET will continue to be in force and the recommendations of the Review Committee will not have any retrospective effect on the existing fellowships.

-Ministry of Human Resource Development

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