All India Premedical and Pre- Dental Test-2015 stands cancelled for widespread use of unfair means

Supreme Court: Amid allegations of large scale use of unfair means via electronic gadgets thereby accessing the answer keys, the Division Bench of R.K Agarwal and Amitav Roy, JJ., cancelled the All India Pre-Medical Tests (AIPMT) and Pre-Dental Entrance Tests conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on 03.05.2015, and directed the CBSE to hold fresh entrance test within four weeks from the date of this judgment, keeping in mind the technicalities and the commencement of the new academic session on 01.08.2015.

The matter came into prominence when a day after the exam, several newspapers reported that 90 answer keys had been transmitted to the candidates during the examination. Rampant use of latest technology (vests fitted with SIM cards) was done so as to facilitate the transmission. The Court took cognizance of the issue and restrained any further steps regarding the examination process. Jaideep Gupta on behalf of the petitioners contended that cancellation of AIPMT-2015 is the only solution to restore the faith of the candidates in the existing system of examination, as the investigations reveal the involvement of a countrywide network. However Ranjit Kumar, appearing for the CBSE argued that the Board took all the necessary precautions while conducting the entrance tests, therefore they should not be held liable for any lapse whatsoever.

The Bench meticulously perused the status reports filed by the investigation authorities and the evidences procured by them. It was observed that the investigations indeed reveal a deep rooted conspiracy to aid the beneficiary candidates with answer keys so as to help them solve the question paper. The Court further observed that in view of a countrywide network operation, it is plausible that many more beneficiaries are revealed in near future; therefore segregation of the identified beneficiaries is not a solution for the present issue. Keeping in mind the amount of inconvenience that would be caused to the candidates and the Board alike by re-conducting the exam, the Court concluded that AIPMT- 2015 has been stripped of its sanctity, therefore it has to be necessarily annulled. Tanvi Sarwal v. Central Board of Secondary Education,2015 SCC OnLine SC 539, decided on 15.06.2015

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