Interviewed by Ayushi Sinha

 1.       How would you like to introduce yourself?

I normally like to state myself simply as a Law student who is also highly interested in management and economics. I have however been lucky to be a part of number of wonderful ventures like the Alexis Foundation and IFLS global in a variety of capacities. Plus, I am also a MUN and debating enthusiast.

2.       When did pursuing law as a career option strike you?

I first came across Law as a career option after I had passed my Class 12th. Till then, I was a hard core Science student who was preparing to be a Doctor. In the same year in June I saw the advertisement for the NLU Orissa entrance examinations and had appeared for it just out of curiosity to check my level of preparation in Social Sciences and General Knowledge. I surprised myself with a Sub 100 Rank. As fate would have it, I could not secure a very good rank in the medical entrance examinations and I decided to look for other career options the next year. Law was on my priority list after the encouragement from the NLU Orissa test and I appeared for CLAT. By God’s grace, I secured a decent rank to be able to join RGNUL, Patiala.

3.       You are a DAAD Scholar. How did you get to know about the DAAD Scholarship? How did LL.M. at Europa Institute of the University of Saarbrucken, Germany, happen?

I became aware of the DAAD Scholarship towards the end of my third year when I was browsing through the internet for prominent scholarships. I came to know about it in detail when our Senior Mr. Mrudul Dadhich was selected as a DAAD Scholar last year and he informed me about the details of the scholarship and the application procedure and requirements.

An LLM was a natural progression for me as I have a plan to move into the academic and policy analysis sector later in my career. Taking the same degree abroad was an option I had chosen primarily because of the course content, flexibility and exposure which you receive from it.

The LLM Course at Europa Institute of the University of Saarbrucken is one of the three courses for which the DAAD Angela Merkel Scholarship is provided and was the only one among the three which covered my area of interest and the specializations which I was seeking for. Hence, I selected this course while applying for the Scholarship.

4.       What are the recruitment prospects for the overseas students?

From the limited knowledge and the feedback that I have received, the recruitment opportunities are limited immediately after you pass out of a Master’s Course and more so in Continental European countries where English is not the main language. However, opportunities certainly emerge if you pursue a Doctoral Degree. After a Master’s course, you can primarily look forward to internships at prominent international organizations like WIPO, IBRD and the WTO and Indian students secure such internships almost every year.

As far as I am aware, students receiving a DAAD Scholarship also get a work permit for around 18 months to look for jobs in Germany after they complete the course. This might provide a much needed window if you want to look for a job opportunity in Germany itself. These regulations will however vary from country to country.

5.       What role has your institution played in this great feat?

Our Institution is a growing University which has excellent students who try to do something new and innovative every day and we are slowly but surely building an excellent alumni base. Throughout my five years in the University, I have always received support from the University and my Professors for every venture that I proposed or was a part of. The University also provided us with an opportunity to pursue a specialization in our Undergraduate course which is rare among other law schools. But probably the greatest role of the Institution has been that it has provided me with seniors and Teachers who have been there to listen to every query and answer them in the best possible manner.

6.       What would be your advice for the current and future aspirants who aim at going for higher studies?

I am certainly not qualified enough to provide any advice to students. I would just like to state that in case you want to pursue higher studies, certainly do place adequate emphasis in your academics and also try to understand the work in your internships instead of merely doing whatever your seniors tell you to do. This would help you a lot in selecting your area of interest and during the interviews.


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