‘Prime Minister Award for excellence in public administration’ conferred on Income Tax Department

On 21-04-2015, the Income Tax department was awarded the ‘Prime Minister Award for excellence in public administration’ for ‘Easy Tax Compliance through Quality Service’. The award has been conferred to the Income Tax Department for setting-up and successful implementation of end to end solution of core services which includes integrated e-governance initiatives viz. e-filing portal, Centralized Processing Cell (CPC-TDS) for processing of TDS statements, Centralized Processing Centre (CPC) for processing of Income Tax Returns and the Refund Banker. The projects have been conceptualized based on principles of USAGE – Uniform interpretation of tax laws, Simplification of forms, Easy Accessibility of services, Good tax governance and Empowerment of taxpayer with information. More USAGE prompts more Voluntary Compliance. The award is a recognition of the sustained efforts of officers of the Income Tax Department and their commitment towards achieving ‘Minimum Government and Maximum Governance’ in tax administration and to move towards a non-adversarial and tax-payer friendly regime.


-Ministry of Finance

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