On March 3rd, 2015, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting advised the TV Channels not to telecast the documentary “India’s daughter” or any excerpts from therein or any programmes based on these excerpts as the said telecast could encourage and incite violence against women, thus compromising women’s public safety and may also provide encouragement to antisocial elements to indulge in violent acts compromising law and order.

The documentary projects to story of the Delhi Gangrape of December, 2012 which contains the interview of one of the main convicts who showed no remorse for the heinous act and projected his chauvinistic and derogatory views regarding women in general and the victim in particular. The advisory states that the documentary provided a platform for the convict to use the media to further his own case, especially when his appeal against his conviction, is sub-judice which leads to interference with the due process of law. Hence, the media, being the fourth pillar of democracy, should refrain from telecasting the said documentary  as the telecast of the documentary or the excerpts are liable to attract provisions of Rule 6 (1); (d, e, f, i, k and o) of the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994.

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