Compensation of Rs three lakh recommended for electrocution of minor girl due to negligence

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC): NHRC has recommended Delhi Government to pay Rs.3 lakh as compensation to the relative of a minor girl who got electrocuted after coming in contact with live and naked wires. Earlier, in October, 2010, the deceased, a seven-year-old girl got electrocuted while playing near her house in Lodhi Colony due to live, naked and accessible conductor of the supply wires connecting to the feeder pillar and the streetlight pole. During enquiry made by Electrical Inspector it was revealed that there were several temporary joints in the cables and the supply wire fell to the ground due to snapping of a tree branch being used to support these wires. NHRC observed that the electric supply wires from the feeder pillar, which were hanging temporarily between the streetlight pole and the tree, should have been placed underground and if those were to run overhead, the wires should have been supported by using metallic bearer wire. NHRC further observed that the said lapse amounted to contravention of provisions of Rule 29 (i) of the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956. While noting that it was a clear case of violation of human rights of the victim due to negligence of the discom, BRPL, for which the State Government was vicariously liable to pay relief to her family, NHRC recommended the compensation. 

(Source:, Dated: October 14, 2014)



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