Not necessary for every rape victim to have injuries on her body

Supreme Court: In the appeal for dismissal of charges relating to the rape of a girl while going to the fields to give food to her father, the bench comprising of Dipak Misra and N. V. Ramana, JJ, rejecting the appellant’s pleas of medical evidence and false implication by the prosecutrix, upheld the decisions of the lower courts. The appellant had contended that the the prosecutrix is habitual of sexual intercourse and there were no signs of recent forcible sexual intercourse or injuries on her body and hence, rape should be ruled out. The Court, rejecting the said contention, held that it is not essential every rape victim should have injuries on her body to prove her case and that the findings of the medical experts are sufficient to establish rape. Krishan vs. State of Haryana, Criminal Appeal No. 1342 of 2012, decided on May 16, 2014  

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