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This report covers the Supreme Court’s Never Reported Judgment dating back to the year 1952 on West Bengal Rent Control (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1950.

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“The aim of fostering diverse supplier base can serve as counterbalance to intrinsic challenges posed by oligopsonistic market. By discouraging market domination by single entity, tender conditions are designed to mitigate the risks associated with limited buyer options, thereby creating more level playing field for all market participants.”

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“Disclaimers do not go to the market and a common man of average intelligence or the average consumer would have no knowledge of any disclaimers present in a trademark registration.”

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The Central Consumer Protection Authority has issued Guidelines for Prevention of Misleading Advertisements and Endorsements for Misleading Advertisements, 2022 to provide for

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Bombay High Court: The Division Bench of R. D. Dhanuka and Madhav J. Jamdar, JJ. asked State Government to actions against the