delhi high court
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“Purpose of examination is to screen out best candidates available for job and since petitioner obtained more than minimum required marks, he should have been considered for Stage-II under General Category as his rejection is not based on merit but only on account of document verification.”

patna high court
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When assessment/marking/evaluation of the candidates have not been done by the Interview Board/Selection Committee of the respective inter se merit of the candidates, the plea of preference has no meaning.

Allahabad High Court
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[“In the present recruitment, females have succeeded in huge numbers, and it appears that unsuccessful male candidates are not able to cope up with the fact that females have overnumbered them in merit. It is an example of ‘male chauvinism’ which is unacceptable in twenty first century.”]

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“A difference in the seniority of a particular officer is not the same as a difference in their ranks.”

Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal MAT
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    Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal, Mumbai: The coram of Mridula Bhatkar (Chairperson) and Medha Gadgil (Member) (A) while dealing with an application

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Tripura High Court: Arindam Lodh, J. dismissed a petition filed for issuing writ of mandamus calling upon the respondents to show cause