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“Judicial comity and judicial discipline demands that higher courts should follow the law. The extraordinary and inherent powers of the court do not confer any arbitrary jurisdiction on the court to act according to its whims and caprice.”

Karnataka High Court Chief Justice
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Justice PS Dinesh Kumar who is due to demit office on 24-02-2024, succeeded Justice Prasanna B. Varale who was appointed as a Supreme Court Judge in January

Justice Prasanna Bhalchandra Varale
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Presently, Justice Prasanna B. Varale is the third Supreme Court Judge belonging to a Scheduled Caste after Justice B.R. Gavai.

Justice Prasanna Bhalchandra Varale
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Justice Prasanna Bhalachandra Varale is currently the 32nd Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court and the only Chief Justice belonging to a Scheduled Caste among the Chief Justices of High Courts across the country.

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“In a society like ours, job more often than not, happens to be predominant source of livelihood and therefore snatching away a job, virtually amounts to taking away the means of livelihood of the employee.”

Justice Prasanna B. Varale
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Justice Prasanna B. Varale’s journey from the small town of Nipani to the prestigious position of Chief Justice of the High Court of Karnataka is a story of dedication, perseverance, and legal brilliance. This article delves into the life and career of this eminent jurist, shedding light on his achievements and