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Transfer Order

President with the consultation of Chief Justice of India, transfers Justice Amit Rawal, Judge of Punjab and Haryana High Court as Judge of Kerala High Court.

He has been directed to assume the charge of the office on 13-11-2019.

Ministry of Law and Justice

[Notification dt. 30-10-2019]

Appointments & TransfersNews

Reconsideration of the proposal of transfer of Justice Amit Rawal, Judge, Punjab & Haryana High Court.

Collegium, vide Minutes dated 28-08-2019 recommended transfer of Justice Amit Rawal, Judge, Punjab & Haryana High Court, in the interest of better administration of justice, to Kerala High Court.

Upon being requested to send his response in terms of the Memorandum of Procedure, Justice Amit Rawal vide representation dated 2-09-2019, for reasons stated therein, has requested for reconsideration of his proposed transfer to Kerala High Court.

On reconsideration, the Collegium is of the considered view that it is not possible to accede to his request. The Collegium, accordingly, reiterates its recommendation dated 28-09-2019 for transfer of Justice Amit Rawal to Kerala High Court.

[Collegium Resolution dt. 03-09-2019]

Supreme Court of India