Justice BR Gavai speech
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Justice BR Gavai explained that the power of judicial review is based on the basic principles of separation of power, being essential for a society governed by the rule of law, that every State organ has the power to act in its domain.

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Case BriefsSupreme Court

The Supreme Court rejected petitioner company’s claim based on a policy of 2013 amended in 2016 for subject land whose completion certificate was already issued in 2015 since it turns out to be hollow due to its non-applicability on the subject land or the petitioner’s project.

Gauhati High Court
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Gauhati High Court was deliberating over a PIL filed to highlight ineffective implementation of State govt.’s policies framed as per the mandate in Section 12(1)(c) of RTE Act, 2009

Karnataka High Court
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A Government Order regulating, and rationalising prices of essential anti-cancer drugs was challenged before the Karnataka HC. The Court clearly stated that the challenge vis-a-vis petitioner’s loss of profit, cannot be sustained

Kerala High Court
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Kerala High Court: In a significant case where a widow whose husband died due to adverse effects of Covid-29 immunization had approached

Case BriefsForeign Courts

Supreme Court of United Kingdom: While deciding the instant case concerning the framework which will govern an application for the grant of