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“The crime committed may be cruel or ruthless but the evidence on record has to be evaluated dispassionately and objectively to see whether the accused is responsible for the said crime or he is innocent”.

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by Suvendu Kumar Pati†

Delhi High Court
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In this case, the Delhi High Court held that the right to investigation cannot be taken away from the investigating officer only because the conduct of Test Identification Parade (TIP) was ordered after the release of articles to the person who was in lawful custody of the articles.

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    Constitution of India — Arts. 300-A and 31 — Expropriation of private property by State — Compensation — Entitlement: State

Madhya Pradesh High Court
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    Madhya Pradesh High Court: G.S. Ahluwalia, J. dismissed a petition which was filed against the order passed by Twelfth Civil