Supreme Court September roundup 2023
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This roundup revisits the analyses of Supreme Court’s judgments/orders on DSPE Act; HIV/AIDS guidelines; Self-respect and secular marriages; Andaman & Nicobar Islands Gang rape case; and more. It also covers Cases Reported in SCC Weekly in the month of September; Explainers on important law points; and Never reported Judgments

section 6a of dspe act
Case BriefsSupreme Court (Constitution/Larger Benches)

Supreme Court also clarified that Section 6A of the DSPE Act is a part of the procedure only, in the form of protection to the senior government servants and does not constitute any new offence or sentence.

ed director tenure
Case BriefsSupreme Court

Supreme Court allowed SK Mishra to continue his services as ED Director till 31-07-2023.