allahabad high court
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HIV/AIDS patients have a right of equal treatment everywhere and they cannot be denied job opportunity or discriminated against in employment matters.

delhi high court
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A person who is residing in South India does not know the geography of Delhi and if recruited as civil defence volunteer, and in case of emergency he will get lost in Delhi instead of reaching to the place where emergency has occurred

Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal
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The Tribunal observed that the act of filling in 2 applications for one and the same post in more than one Unit cannot be accepted to be an inadvertent or innocent act.

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    Supreme Court: In an appeal filed against the judgment of the Delhi High Court, wherein the Court has set aside

Meghalaya High Court
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“…that greater weightage is desirable to be given to the objective part of the assessment since the Indian psyche is such that the subjective part of the assessment, more often than not, is tainted, influenced or guided by nepotism or the usual uncle culture or even more disagreeable extraneous considerations.”

Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal MAT
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    Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal, Mumbai: The coram of Mridula Bhatkar (Chairperson) and Medha Gadgil (Member) (A) while dealing with an application

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“The aspiration of equal treatment of the lowest strata, to whom the fruits of the reservation have not effectively reached, remains a