Emerging Technologies and Cybercrimes Workshop

MNLU Mumbai’s Centre for Advanced Legal Studies, Training & Research (CALSTR) and Centre for Information, Communication, Technology & Law (CICTL), in association with Cyber Saathi Foundation is organizing a workshop on ‘Emerging Technologies & Cybercrimes’. It will be held in hybrid mode and is scheduled to happen on 4th May 2024 (from 10 AM to 4 PM). Registrations for the same are now open!

About MNLU Mumbai

Maharashtra National Law University (MNLU), Mumbai is a prestigious legal education institution in India. Established in 2014, it operates as an autonomous law school, following the model of other National Law Universities in India. Situated in Mumbai, a bustling metropolis, MNLU Mumbai offers a conducive environment for learning and growth. The university offers a five-year integrated B.A.LL.B., LL.M., M.B.A. and Ph.D. alongside other academic programs, enabling students to pursue a comprehensive study of law alongside other disciplines.

About Centre for Advanced Legal Studies, Training & Research

The centre was established with a vision to bring all academic, research and training activities relating to existing, contemporary, and futuristic law under a single, unique and independent umbrella at MNLU Mumbai. The main objectives of the centre are to facilitate advanced legal studies, training, and research. The centre regularly organizes workshops, seminars, and colloquiums to achieve these aims.

About Centre for Information Communication & Technology Law

The centre aims to be a hub of excellence in generating and disseminating knowledge concerning the inter-relationship between technology and law across the globe. The main objectives of the centre include studying the challenges in the digital society from a legal perspective, facilitating a dialogue between experts, leaders and researchers in law and technology domain, working in collaboration between national and international research centres and providing consultancy to professionals, non-profit organizations, and public agencies in the techno-legal field.

About Cyber Saathi Foundation

Cyber Saathi, is an initiative focusing on cyber safety on digital spaces with special focus on being a reliable source of information and knowledge pertaining to cyber laws and remedies. Cyber Saathi provides content relevant to all — from individuals, corporate / businesses and Government Authorities. It is intended to be a reliable resource on cyber laws and remedies for victims in easily understandable and relatable formats. Cyber Saathi will be focusing on neutral research and publications intended to guide and create awareness of cyber laws and legal aspects of emerging technologies to enable a stronger Digital India.

About the Workshop

In today’s digitally interconnected world, cybercrimes have become an omnipresent threat by posing significant challenges to individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide. These crimes encompass a broad spectrum of illicit activities including but not limited to hacking, identity theft, financial fraud, malware dissemination, and cyber espionage. With the rapid advancement of technology, cybercriminals are continually exploiting emerging technologies increasing the complexity and frequency of cyber threats. In light of these growing challenges, there is an urgent need for understanding the strategies and effective countermeasures that can be employed to combat these cybercrimes.

The upcoming workshop on ‘Emerging Technologies in Cybercrimes’ aims to address this issue by providing a platform for cybersecurity professionals and stakeholders to collaborate, exchange insights, and enhance their capabilities in combating evolving cyber threats. The primary objectives of the workshop are to explore the latest trends and developments in cybercrime landscape, understand the operations of cybercriminals, and facilitate knowledge sharing on cybersecurity solutions and best practices. Through interactive sessions and expert presentations, participants will gain insights into identifying, mitigating, and responding to cyber threats effectively.

About the Speakers

  • Chief Guest & Keynote Speaker – Ms. N S Nappinai (Sr. Adv., Supreme Court of India and Founder – Cyber Saathi)

  • Speaker – Mr. Amol Deshmukh, (Maharashtra Education Services, Govt. of Maharashtra)

  • Speaker – Dr. Swapnil Bangali (Advocate and Director, CICTL MNLU Mumbai)

  • Speaker – Mr. Lovepreet Singh (Advocate, Chambers of Ms. N S Nappinai & Cyber Saathi)

About the Themes

  • Social Media & Cybercrimes — It delves into the intricate relationship between social media platforms and criminal activities perpetrated in the digital realm. The widespread adoption of social media platforms has made it a fertile ground for cybercriminals to exploit users through various scams, phishing attacks, identity theft, and cyberbullying. It is essential to understand the dynamics of social media-driven cybercrimes to mitigate risks, protect personal and sensitive information, and promote online safety and security.

  • Cyber Forensics & Cyber Investigations — It focuses on the systematic collection, preservation, analysis, and presentation of digital evidence in legal proceedings related to cybercrimes. As cybercriminals employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to cover their tracks, cyber forensics plays a pivotal role in uncovering digital footprints, tracing perpetrators, and securing convictions. By equipping participants with the requisite knowledge and skills in cyber forensics and investigative techniques, the workshop aims to empower the participants to understand the criminal justice system’s capacity to combat cyber threats.

  • AI’s Role in Modern Cybercrime — It delves into the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and the evolving landscape of cyber threats. As AI continues to advance, cybercriminals are leveraging its capabilities to orchestrate increasingly sophisticated and automated attacks. Understanding how AI is harnessed by cybercriminals is paramount for developing robust defenses and proactive strategies against emerging threats. Moreover, exploring the ethical and regulatory considerations surrounding the use of AI in cybercrime is essential to ensure responsible innovation and mitigate potential risks to individuals, organizations, and society at large.

Important Details

  • Date — 4th May 2024 | Time – 10 AM to 4 PM

  • Mode – Hybrid (both Online & Offline options available)

  • Venue — 2nd Floor, Conference Hall 2, Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai, CETTM MTNL Building, Technology Street, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra — 400076.

Registration Details

  • Registration Fees – INR 1500 for students & INR 2000 for professionals

  • Kindly note that Breakfast & Lunch is included in the registration fees

  • Participation Certificates will be provided.

Important Links

Contact Details

For more details about the workshop and queries (if any), please reach out to Ms. Aastha Tiwari (Centre Coordinator, CICTL) at aastha.tiwari@mnlumumbai.edu.in.

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