Welcome to the MNLU-N National Commercial Mediation Competition, 2024!

Established under the Maharashtra National Law University Act (Maharashtra Act No. VI of 2014), Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur, has been at the forefront of legal education and innovation. Committed to fostering a culture of academic excellence and holistic development, MNLU, Nagpur, is delighted to host the 2nd Edition of the MNLU-N National Commercial Mediation Competition, 2024 bringing together bright minds from Law schools across the nation. 

The preliminary rounds of the MNLU-N National Commercial Mediation Competition, 2024, held online on 17th-18th February 2024, marked the commencement of an exhilarating journey towards dispute resolution excellence.  With 32 teams from prestigious law schools participating, the virtual rounds witnessed spirited debates, insightful negotiations, and remarkable displays of legal prowess. The teams exhibited commendable adaptability and resilience as they engaged in mediating and negotiating diverse commercial disputes, addressing issues ranging from cybersecurity breaches to intellectual property rights infringements. 

The virtual platform facilitated seamless interactions, enabling participants to leverage technology effectively in their mediation efforts. As the competition progresses, we anticipate witnessing further innovation and collaboration as teams advance to the campus rounds. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all participants, coaches, and adjudicators for their dedication and enthusiasm, contributing to the success of the virtual rounds.

We look forward to the continuation of this enriching journey as we transition to the campus rounds, where participants will converge for in-person interactions and further exploration of commercial mediation excellence.

The ADR Society of Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur extends a warm welcome to all the participants, esteemed guests, and legal enthusiasts to the offline rounds of the 2nd Edition of the MNLU-N National Commercial Mediation Competition, 2024 with immense pride and enthusiasm. There were 8 negotiating pairs and mediators who qualified for the advanced rounds scheduled on 9th-10th March. The negotiating pairs qualified were from NLIU, Bhopal, NLSIU, Bangalore, TNNLU, Tamil Nadu, CNLU, Patna, CHRIST University, Bengaluru, V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, CHRIST University, Bengaluru(II) and Ramaiah College of Law. The qualified mediator pairs are from SLS, Pune, O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonepat, NLIU, Bhopal, NLUO Cuttack, NUJS Kolkata, GLC Mumbai and ICFAI Dehradun. Thus. we started tightening our belts to prepare to accommodate this diverse crowd for a full-blown well-organised national event.

We are thrilled to present this competition, which stands at the intersection of legal acumen, negotiation skills, and technological advancements. The MNLU-N National Commercial Mediation Competition, 2024, is a testament to our dedication to nurturing legal talent and promoting alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. This year’s edition, promises to be an intellectually stimulating experience focusing on the intricacies of Cyber, AI, IPR, and Technology law within the realm of commercial mediation.

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their legal expertise, negotiation skills, and creativity in resolving complex disputes. Through a series of challenging rounds, they will navigate through real-world scenarios, harnessing innovative strategies to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.


The 2nd National Commercial Mediation Competition, 2024, held at MNLU, Nagpur, commenced with a warm welcome extended to participating teams by members of the ADR community. The event, aimed at promoting excellence in alternative dispute resolution, attracted teams from various corners of the nation, eager to showcase their mediation skills.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to our esteemed partners, including Royzz and Co, Dentons Link Legal, SCC EBC Online, IAMC, CAMP Mediation, and AK and Partners, whose invaluable support has been crucial in ensuring the success of this competition. 

The theme for this year’s competition, focusing on AI, IPR, and Technology Law, underscores the relevance of contemporary legal issues in mediation practice. Building on the successes of previous events, such as the National rounds of the Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition in 2019, and the inaugural MNLU-N National Commercial Mediation Competition in 2023, MNLU, Nagpur, continues to be a beacon of legal education and professional development.

In addition to allowing participants to hone their mediation skills, the competition offers prestigious internship opportunities at Dentons Link Legal for the Winners, Royzz and Co. for the Runners-up, and CAMP Mediation for the Best Preliminary Rounds (Mediator and Team). 

The unwavering support of our patron-in-chief, Dr. Vijendra Kumar, and our esteemed faculty advisers has been instrumental in the planning and execution of this event. Their guidance has ensured that the competition maintains its standards of excellence and continues to serve as a platform for learning and growth in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

Registration Process

As the event unfurled, a buzz of anticipation filled the air. The registration process, conducted in Room B1, thrummed with activity as participants gathered. The Organizing Team’s warm greetings washed over each arrival, momentarily calming the delightful flurry of nervous energy. A palpable sense of excitement crackled through the room, vibrant current coursing through the diverse assembly of India’s law students. As registrations concluded, one thing became resoundingly clear: this event would be a remarkable confluence, bringing together the brightest legal minds from across the nation. It promised to be a day brimming with intellectual discourse, fostering a unique exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Distribution of Confidential Information Document

After the enriching, confidence-boosting Opening Ceremony, the negotiating pairs collected their Confidential Information (‘CI’). The CIs had a whole new comprehensive take on the General Information (GI)  the participants were provided from the preliminary rounds. This new information took the participants by surprise and brought in new challenges that made them fuss through their research again. The participating negotiators were given 30 minutes to discuss this new piece of information amongst themselves and come up with new modulation to their arguments. Their excited and nervous faces were a sight.


A groundbreaking AI software, Jugnu, has emerged with capabilities in image and voice replication and artistic exploration. While this technology offers promising commercial prospects, evidenced by party interest in a deal with its creators, there are concerns about its impact on artists. To address these complexities, a caucus in rooms B5 and A6 is being held which has brought together participants who adeptly navigated the legal intricacies of cyber law, intellectual property, and AI technology.

The quarter-finals were intense as teams with sharp legal minds and strong negotiation skills battled it out. The atmosphere crackled with energy as they tackled complex commercial disputes in areas like cybersecurity and AI. The judges were thoroughly impressed by the quality of arguments, solutions, and mediation techniques on display. The judges for the quarter-finals were:

  1. Adv. Apurv De 
  2. Adv. Prakash Tiwari 
  3. Adv. Harnish Gadhia 
  4. Adv. Sunayana Kandla
  5. Adv. Ayushi Dangre 
  6. Adv Pratik Mehta 
  7. Adv. Anup Gilda 
  8. Adv. Yashowardhan Sambre

With their years of legal wisdom, they collaborated seamlessly and their expertise was evident while they posed questions to the competitors and provided them with valuable competitors. 


After the exhilarating quarter-finals, MNLU welcomed the qualified teams for another round of invigorating rounds to take place. 8 teams qualified for the rounds and had their semi-finals and final rounds. The mediators qualifying for the semi-finals were TC-04 (JGLS, Sonipat), TC-30 (ICFAI, Dehradun), TC-05 (JGLS, Sonipat), and TC-25 (NLUO). The negotiating pairs qualifying for the semi-finals were TC-18 (TNNLU), TC-14 (NLSIU), TC-29 (Christ University, Bangalore), and TC-32 (Ramaiah College of Law). 

As the competition progressed to the semi-finals, the stakes rose even higher. The remaining teams, now experienced and confident, faced off in a series of gripping negotiations. Teamwork, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the law were crucial as they navigated intricate legal issues and sought fair solutions. Mediators played a key role as they succeeded in skillfully guiding discussions towards mutually beneficial outcomes. 

The judges for the Semi-finals were 

  1. Adv. Sudheer S. Voditel
  2. Adv. Gauri Venkatraman
  3. Adv. Nahush Khubalkar
  4. Adv. Amol Mardikar


The finals were the culmination of the competition, where the top teams showcased their mastery of mediation and negotiation. Under the spotlight, finalists delivered impassioned arguments and expertly navigated complex legal scenarios to reach amicable settlements. Mediators were instrumental in fostering collaboration and understanding, creating an atmosphere conducive to successful resolutions. Two teams from Jindal qualified for the final round as mediators. The negotiators were able to pave the way for a mutually beneficial agreement. Through their respectful communication and willingness to listen to each other’s needs. The finals showcased moments of brilliance, with teams demonstrating creativity, resilience, and grace under pressure. 

The judges for the Final Rounds were:

  1. Hon’ble Justice Anil L. Pansare (High Court of Judicature at Bombay, Nagpur Bench)
  2. Adv. Harish Dangre (Advocate at High Court of Judicature at Bombay, Nagpur Bench)
  3. Adv. Akshay Kapadia (Litigation Partner, Royzz and Co.)

Valedictory Ceremony

The esteemed panel comprised of Hon’ble Justice Anil L. Pansare (Judge at the High Court of Bombay Bench at Nagpur), Advocate Harish Dangre, and Advocate Akshay Kapadia (Litigation Partner, Royzz and Co.) offered their insights and congratulations to the participants for their performance.  They, along with the Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Vijender Kumar and Registrar Dr Ashish Dixit, congratulated the participants on their performance. The discussion with the students delved into the evolution of mediation, its role in resolving disputes, its challenges in real-world application, and its growing significance, particularly in family disputes.

Announcement of the Awardees:

  • Negotiating Winner: Christ University School of Law, Bangalore (TC-29)
  • Mediation Winner:  JGLS – Mediator (TC-04)

Runner-ups of the Competition:

  • Negotiation Runner-Up: TNNLU (TC-18)
  • Mediator Runner-Up: JGLS (TC-05)

Best Team of Preliminary Rounds:

  • Negotiation Winner: NLSIU, Bangalore (TC-14)
  • Mediator Winner: SLS, Pune (TC-02)

A vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Ragini P. Khubalkar (Faculty Advisor to ADR society) who extended her heartfelt gratitude to the student volunteers, Photography Club, H&H, and IT Committee for their support. We trust that the Competition has provided participants with valuable growth opportunities and ignited a passion for ADR. We sincerely hope these past two days lived up to the expectations of both participants and judges. 

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