end the requirement of mentioning a litigant's caste-religion in any suit

Gauhati High Court: In pursuance of the directive issued by the Supreme Court in Shama Sharma v. Kishan Kumar1, Justice Lanusungkum Jamir, ACJ., on 30-01-2024 directed that, from henceforth caste / religion of a litigant will no longer be required to be mentioned in the memo of parties in any petition/ suit/ proceeding filed before the Gauhati High Court or the Courts under its jurisdiction.

Coming into force with immediate effect, the Notification stated that the existing Filing Forms in respect of the Principal Seat and the Outlying Benches of the Gauhati High Court will be modified accordingly and is to be used hereafter at the time of filing of fresh cases.

It was further directed that the Presiding Officers of all other Courts / Tribunals under the jurisdiction of the Gauhati High Court must make the necessary modifications in the Filing Forms of their respective Courts / Tribunals and the modified Form be used thereafter at the time of filing of fresh cases.

Refer the document to see the modified filing forms.

[Notification No. 8, dated 30-01-2024]

1. Transfer Petition (Civil) No. 1957 of 2023

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