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As technology advances and ‘Digital India’ carves a niche in every area possible, all sorts of payments including fines or ‘challans’ as they are known popularly can be paid online. They are known as ‘E-challans’. They are widely popular and the words- ‘e-challan’ has even found itself a place in the Collins Dictionary.


Collins Dictionary defines E-Challans as:

an electronic format of the challan; mostly used in the Asian countries. It means a receipt for payment or delivery; a specific format used for depositing/remitting the contribution/statutory payment at bank/treasury.”

A traffic E- Challan is an electronic, computer-generated version of the normal Traffic fine or Traffic ‘Challan’ which can be paid online. It ensures transparency and prevents loss of revenue to the state.1

How to pay Traffic E-Challans?

Traffic E-challans can be paid at, the following are the steps to pay it:2

  1. Go to

  2. Then enter your username and your password

  3. Then feed your Challan No./Vehicle No./Driving License No.

  4. Then enter the captcha code provided

  5. Then click on ‘Get Details’

  6. Details of the offense will be displayed along with the amount of the pending fine

  7. Then proceed with the payment

  8. After payment you will receive an alert on your SMS and also a transaction ID.

How to pay Challan Offline in Delhi:

  • You can go the Delhi Police Headquarters at, Dev Prakash Shastri Marg, Pusa, New Delhi-110012 with the relevant documents i.e.:

    • Driving License

    • Address and Identity proof

    • Letter of Traffic Violation

    • and pay the fine in cash.3

  • You can pay the Challan by Cheque/Demand Draft/Pay Order by post/courier at the Delhi Police Headquarters.

  • In this situation, you need to pay through an Account-Payee Cheque/ Pay Order/ DD, and it is to be drawn in favour of DCP/TRAFFIC(HQs).

  • The Challan can also be paid through the medium of a Post Office/Post man.

Traffic Challans and Lok Adalats

  • Lok Adalats are organised by the Delhi police 4 times year.

  • The Magistrate will be present. People can plead in front of him/her to reduce their Challan or to remit it all together.4

  • Following are the steps to apply and appear for Lok Adalat:

    1. Go to the Delhi Traffic Police Website and make a booking against your Challan.

    2. Take a printout of the notice.

    3. The downloaded slip will have the location of the court mentioned.

    4. Go to the Court on the date and time mentioned on the slip.

    5. Produce the Challan in front of the Magistrate and appeal for reduction or remission of the penalty.

What happens if you don’t pay Traffic E-Challans

  • If you don’t pay E-Challans within 60 days of it being issued, then a police officer will come to your registered address to collect the amount.5

  • If you are not available at that time, then a court summon will be sent to you.

    If you receive a court summon, do not panic, find out which court you have to go to, report to the court on the relevant date and time and pay the amount mentioned in the challan.

  • If you do not pay E-Challans after the court summons, your driving license can be suspended.

Documents to carry to avoid traffic-challan

  • Registration Certificate

  • Driving License

  • Pollution Under Control (“PUC”) Certificate

  • Insurance Policy Documents

  • Other driving permits

Complaint against wrong E-Challan6

Sometimes people receive E-Challans by mistake or even after no fault of theirs. However, there are some simple steps after which such a E-Challan can be revoked. A person can do the following to get a such a Challan revoked:

  1. Go to the official site of

  2. Scroll down to find the Grievance system page. The direct link to the page-

  3. Log into your account and enter your details correctly, including your name, Your contact no. and your Challan no.

  4. Upload the proof of e-challan using the ‘upload’ button.

  5. Submit the form.

You can also check the status of your grievance by doing the following7:

  • Open Parivahan Grievance Status.

  • Open the webpage-

  • Find the tab- ‘Ticket Status’ and click on it.

  • Enter your e-ticket no. and fill the captcha code.

  • Click on- ‘Check the Status’.

  • The status of your grievance will be displayed on the screen.


Digitisation plays a great role in India’s aim to achieve transparency and tackle corruption. E-Challans while making it convenient for the public to pay them, also play a vital role in curbing corruption by checking the malpractice of Bribe. E-Challans are a boon and truly embody the vision of ‘Digital India’.

Frequently Asked Questions around Traffic Challan

Q- How can I check my traffic fine in Delhi?

A– Visit the official website of Delhi Traffic Police at and a page for generating challan/notice NOC for Vehicle will open. Enter your vehicle registration no. and proceed. You will get the details of pending challan with Delhi Traffic Police and the respective amount due.

Q- What happens if we don’t pay challan in India?

A– A traffic challan can be paid within 60 days of issuance. If the same is not paid, Court summons are issued, and the person has the opportunity to settle the matter before a Court of law.

Q- How can we avoid traffic challan in India?

A– Challans are issued by Traffic Police when a person violates traffic rules. In order to avoid issuance of e-challans, one should be careful while being on road so that traffic rules are duly followed.

Q- How to pay traffic challan in Court?

A– When the Court imposes fine, one may visit for payment of fine. One has to specify whether it is District Court or High Court, CNR No. Or Case No. and specify the further details.

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