The Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) and the Centre for International Corporate and Commercial Laws (CICCL) hosted the Senior Advocate Late Shri P.M. Shah 1st MNLUA National Client Counselling Competition on March 18 and 19, 2023, at the Maharashtra National Law University in Aurangabad.
With the gracious presence of Sr. Adv. Sanjeev Deshpande (Chief Guest) and Adv. Subodh Shah (Guest of Honor), as well as our Honorable Vice Chancellor Sir Dr. K.V.S Sarma and Registrar Sir D.M. Jadhav, the Inauguration Ceremony began at 10:30 am.
At 12:00 PM, the first preliminary round began, with eight teams taking part.
Various teams competed, and as a student reported to SCC, I visited various conference rooms and attended the client counselling competition in action.
The reporter watched the performance of numerous teams while moving through various conference rooms; examples of the same are as follows:
At the conference room where the contest was taking on the student reporter observed that the team of the counsels has made the customer feel at ease, protected informational privacy, and addressed fees. Insufficient time prevented the customer, a builder, from completing the four stores as promised. As a result, the client is now seeking payment in lieu of legal action. Counsels questioned about the deal’s specifics, including the payment and date of the agreement. and convincing proof.
As you pass the other conference room, information about the client’s permission as supplied by the counsel, and The client had concerns about the construction and was given a demand for damages for the project’s late completion. The client rejected legal action, and the counsel proposed that the parties come to an amicable arrangement over damages. The client’s payment amount was chosen.
A visit to another conference room revealed that, The client brought up the same issue of delayed payment by the other party as the contractor, and the counsels worked to reassure the client that they would be able to find a solution to the issue of collecting the money from the other party. The customer displayed the written contract and explained the delay. The attorneys inquired about the legal notice that had been delivered by the attorney for the opposing party in order to collect the sum of 1.20 lac. Rains, according to the customer, were the primary cause of the contract’s performance delays. The client further indicated that another party is also defaming his name in the marketplace, and the attorneys questioned the client over lawsuit vs alternative dispute resolution problem. Moreover, the client accepted to ADR after being persuaded by counsel. The client was questioned by the attorneys on his relationships with other parties. Before entering into the contract, the attorneys questioned the client about whether or not the permission was given freely. Here, attorneys did well and were successful in persuading the client using persuasive tactics.
Following the first and second preliminary rounds, 8 teams successfully bolstered to the quarterfinals.

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