Greetings to all!
In the chilly winters we send a warm welcome on behalf of the Moot Court Committee of Chanakya National Law University to the Second Edition of CNLU Cyber Law National Moot Court Competition 2023.

In the post-pandemic era where the digital world has brought us closer, the competition is being conducted in hybrid mode to ensure greater and wider participation as we see teams from all over India are here with us for the competition.

The inauguration ceremony was graced with the presence of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Justice Smt. Mirdula Mishra (Retd.), Registrar Manoranjan Prasad Srivastav (Retd. District Judge), and our Special Guest Nikhil Narain, Asst. Professor of Law, OP Jindal University. The faculty convener of the CNLU moot court committee Dr. Vijay Kumar Vimal welcomed the participating teams to the competition and motivated them with his valuable insights. With this, he welcomed the chief guest of the event Nikhil Narain to share his insights on the cyber space laws and its relevance in today’s world. Furthur came our Vice Chancellor Smt. Mridula Mishra and Registrar Dr. Manoranjan Prasad and graced the participants and wished them All the very best for the competition. The inaugration ceremony finally came to an end and the Vice chancellor opened the competition.

12:30: Since our first round is happening in online mode so we cannot see the stress and excitement of the participants but we are sure that the same energy could be seen behind the screens. After comprehending the instructions, each squad hurried to their respective courtrooms. They all put up a fierce competitive facade and are determined to prevail. With this the rounds in each courtrooms have started and the judges as well as participants can be seen engaged in their roles.

01:55: The first rounds have ended and we are sure that the participants who have performed well are preparing more enthusiastically for the second one which is about to start in about half an hour and for the participants that had a little harsh first round will be gearing up for the second one. Before we jump to the second round there is a short break for the participants as well as the volunteers. In any online competition the volunteers, tab team and all such teams are the backbone of it and we appreciate them for working relentlessly  for the smooth conduction of the rounds. We hope that the participants and the volunteers are excited for the further rounds!

02:31: Here with this we are back again to move forward with the second round, the participants and the volunteers have joined their respective court rooms with rejuvenated enthusiasm to enter the quarter finals of the competition. we wish all the best to the participants and lets see how many survive in the race towards the finals.

04:30: The second rounds have finally ended. The teams are exhausted after indulging in a day full of competition but at the same time they are excited to know who entered the quarter finals. The volunteers have done a really good job and the rounds were conducted smoothly. 

Day 2:

Here we are at the day 2 of the event!

04:15: The result for the preliminary rounds have finally been declared. Eight teams have qualified and are here we go again with the quarter finals. The court masters and the timers are geared up for their work and the participants have joined the courtrooms. The respected judges arrived to their courtrooms and the quarter finals of the competition have finally begun. Let’s see how this day turns out for the participants as well as the organizing team. 

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