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The Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance, National Law University Delhi welcomes contributions for the IXth edition of the International Journal of Transparency and Accountability in Governance (Double Blind Reviewed & Refereed Journal) from students, academicians, activists, professionals and other stakeholders involved in the fight for the freedom of information across the globe.

The International Journal of Transparency and Accountability in Governance (IJTAG) is the flagship Journal, with ISSN No: 2395-4337 of the Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance (CTAG), published under the aegis of the National Law University, Delhi.

About the Journal

The objective of launching this journal is to function as a forum for reflective writings on the theory and practice of good governance models by keeping abreast with research being done by scholars in this field. The focus would be to provide high-level commentary on issues applicable to improving governance measures in India. The journal would concentrate on creating academic discourse by delivering top-quality articles written by experts. The IJTAG would appear annually, providing insights valuable to legal professionals, researchers, students, and academicians. The Publication Committee of the CTAG, under the guidance of the editor and referral board consisting of some celebrated names, is responsible for editing and bringing out this journal.

The Publication Committee of CTAG is inviting quality research papers from professionals, researchers, students, NGOs, Civil Societies, academicians and other stakeholders involved in combating corruption and promoting good governance for the forthcoming edition of the journal. The research paper should apply research skills and appropriate research methodology. The research paper should be thematic, and identifying sub-themes is highly appreciated. It should have proper research questions and should also reflect the findings.

Submission Guidelines

The submission can be sent under the following categories —

  1. Research Papers – Between 5000 and 10000 words, including footnotes. Papers in this category are expected to engage with the theme comprehensively, examine literature thoroughly, and offer an innovative reassessment of the current understanding of that theme. It is advisable, though not necessary, to choose a theme that is of contemporary importance. Purely theoretical pieces are also welcomed.

  2. Notes/Comments — Between 3000 and 5000 words, including footnotes. This section should include a thought-provoking and innovative piece consisting chiefly of personal opinions and analysis.

  3. Judgment analysis/ Comments — In between 2500- 3000 words, including footnotes. This part should analyse contemporary Indian or International judicial pronouncements relevant to the themes. It must identify and examine the line of cases in which the decision in question came about and comment on implications for the evolution of that branch of law

  4. Book/Reports Review — Word limit is 2000- 3000 for the review of a book relevant to the themes. The study should identify the author’s relevant arguments and present a comprehensive analysis.

The themes to be followed for each type of submission, as well as the detailed submission guidelines can be accessed here.

The submissions must be emailed to with the subject heading ‘IJTAG — Submission (Volume IX).’ The last date for submissions is 30th November 2022.

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