Date: 1st September, 2022

GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights, established with an aim to promote research, extension and training in the field of intellectual property rights of India, invites registrations from students, researchers, scholars, academicians, and professionals for a short one-credit Online certificate course on Contouring Innovation in the 21st Century through the Intellectual Property and Tech Interface.

This course is one of its kind in India, aiming to touch upon various upcoming areas at the intersection of law, technology and policy including the complex landscape of privacy requirements, IP laws, data protection, regulated vs. grey unregulated areas (US vis-à-vis India) and subsequent pros and cons. The prime objective of the course is to acquaint participants with the ground application of academic learnings and familiarize with the real-life scenario of a legal practitioner, especially in a constantly evolving field that will undergo rapid changes in the next 20 years. It aims for students to be at the helm of this coming transformation by relaying the basics as well as aims to enable future lawyers to understand the consequences of using AI and understand ethical and conscientious interaction with Artificial Intelligence. It is ideal for a law student wishing to explore the nuances of tech law and build a career as a tech lawyer. Ms. Chaani Srivastava, a GNLU alumnus (Batch 2005-2010) and an experienced intellectual property attorney at LOCS online with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry in India as well as the United States is the Resource Person for this Course. She has a diversified theoretical as well as practical hands-on experience in the arena of law, holding an L.L.M. in Law and Technology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Pedagogy of the course

This course will follow a discussion-based style which will emphasize on both the practical and theoretical academic aspects supplemented by experiences drawn from real life. It will encourage a participatory and student-centred approach, entailing minimal work outside class. The total duration of the course is 20 hours consisting of 10 sessions. The course will be followed by an assessment in the form of a simple MCQ quiz, upon the completion of which a certificate would be issued subject to the 80% attendance mandate. The mode of conducting the course is virtual vide Cisco Webex.

Application process:

Registration form can be accessed here. The link shall remain open till 11:59 pm, September 5, 2022. Application form can be filled and submitted only through the link provided. Registration shall be on a first come first serve basis. Details relating to the course and mode of joining will be shared only with the Registered participants.

Registration Fees:

Registration fees for GNLU Students: INR 500/-

Registration fees for external students: INR 1000/-

Registration fees for academicians: INR 2000/-

Registration fees for others: INR 2500/-

The link for the payment of fees can be accessed here. The course fees are non-refundable. No participant will be entertained without enrolment.

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