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The GD Goenka Group is a leading educational setup driven by a passion for excellence in education and quality in life, where Globalization and Internationalization are the buzz words. With 26 years of excellence in the field of education, GD Goenka Group has come a long way since its first school in 1994. The GD Goenka Education City is set on 60 acres with the ancient and picturesque Aravalli hills for a backdrop. The GD Goenka University is guided by the philosophy that new thinking in the areas of teaching, learning, research and training are pivotal to making students tomorrow's leaders and giving them a world view. With unswerving focus on providing quality education, GD Goenka University has engaged the best faculty to guide students, engage their minds and raise their horizon. The University has the best of facilities, equipment including laboratories, dedicated video conference facilities, virtual learning facilities and fully equipped conference rooms. These are all designed to extract the best and most creative qualities from the students. To afford quality education to students, which are along the lines of best of international standards, the University follows an inter-disciplinary approach to education whereby students are encouraged to learn subjects from various disciplines at GDGU. A global connection via a truly international educational institution. SCHOOL OF LAW, GD GOENKA UNIVERSITY offers Law Degree Programs at Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral levels and strives to open new vistas in the arena of law through clinical legal studies and research. With an objective to raise the standards of clinical legal education in India, the GD Goenka University, School of Law regularly hosts Moot Court Competitions and encourages law students from various Law Schools and Universities from across India and world to learn the art and skills of advocacy.

CYBERLAW UNIVERSITY While there has been some effort done to create more awareness about Cyber law through different initiatives, it was felt that there is a distinct need for an online University that is dedicated specifically and exclusively to all the legal issues pertaining to cyberspace and the Internet. Herein lay the genesis of the origin of the idea of the Cyber law University. Cyber law University, as the name suggests, would be a unique university dedicated exclusively to Cyber law and related disciplines. As Cyber law is the law pertaining to cyberspace and the Internet, it is only in the fitness of things that Cyber law University operates in cyberspace as an online University. Cyber law University is in touch with various universities and we are in the process of forming 4 professional relationships with different academic institutions and universities. In the times to come, the goal of Cyber law University is to become one common central point for not just the growth of Cyber law jurisprudence across the world but also for disseminating knowledge about the constantly changing cyber legal trends impacting the use of computers, computer systems, computer networks, communication devices as also data and information in the electronic form. Given the ever-evolving nature of the Internet, legal issues of cyberspace have developed rapidly.


With an objective to raise the standards of Clinical Legal Education in India, the GD Goenka University, School of Law announces 3 rd GDGU International Virtual law and technology Moot Court Competition, 2021 in association with Cyber Law University, on 17 th & 18 th September, 2022. Moot Court Competitions, which is a mandatory part of law curriculum in our law school offers a practical and application-based approach to learning of law. It gives the law students, the necessary free space to interpret and analyse legal provisions in the context of a given legal regime, while trying to solve a practical problem. The GDGU School of Law is dedicated to promote this aspect of legal training for ensuring a wholesome legal education and the GD Goenka Virtual moot Competition is an endeavour of the School of Law in this direction. 3 rd GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition, 2022 in association with Cyber Law University is about technology law. Technology law focuses on intellectual property rights, a complex branch of the legal system that deals with disputes over who ‘owns’ intangible ‘property’, such as creative works, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Technology law helps to protect the creatives who come up with these ideas and also ensures rights concerning the distribution of their work. The 3rd GD Goenka International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition, 2022 in association with Cyber Law University is expected to have participations from various Law Schools and Universities from across India & abroad.  More details about the Competition are available on an exclusive website made just for this purpose —


Students duly enrolled and pursuing full time 5 years or 3 years undergraduate law course from India or from a foreign university with law as major may apply to participate in 3rd GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition, 2022 in association with Cyber Law University.

Students enrolled and pursuing post-graduate diploma or short-term certificate courses in law is not eligible to apply.


A team shall consist of maximum three members that must include two Speakers and one researcher.

Any team, intending to change the team composition of the team shall intimate the Governing Council by sending an e-mail at, the change will be allowed on discretion of the Governing Council.

Any person, other than three registered team members, is not eligible to join the videoconferencing or the audio-video recording of the oral rounds, and non-compliance is a ground for disqualification.

The Researcher may be permitted to argue as Speaker in case any unforeseen event.

Prior permission of the organizers of competition in such case shall be mandatory. In case the team fails to inform the university, decision will be final.


Each team shall register to 3rd GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition, 2022 in association with Cyber Law University by filing registration form, in the prescribed manner by 30th August, 2022.

Registration form:

On receipt of the duly filled registration form the institute shall respond to the participating team, acknowledging the receipt. 1After the deadline for the registration expires, the Governing Council shall respond to each registered team, as specified under clause 3.1.1, with a unique team code, which shall be used to identify the teams during the competition.


The registration fee for the competition is Rs. 999/- for Indian Teams and 11$ for International Teams. The registration fee for the 3 rd GDGU International Virtual Law & Technology Moot Court Competition, 2022 in association with Cyber Law University is to be paid through NEFT transfer or UPI. No other payment method shall be accepted.

Any additional charges incurred by the team while making the wire transfer are to be borne by the team.


Name of Beneficiary: G.D. Goenka University

Name of Bank: HDFC Bank Address: Site No. 2, OCF Pocket, Sector — C, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi- 110070, India

A/c No.: 02731450000270 RTGS/ IFS Code No.: HDFC0000273 Fax No.: 0124-3315936

MICR Code: 110240034

E Mail:


All teams must upload a scanned copy of the receipt generated on completion of the NEFT transfer on the Registration Form. The receipt must contain the reference number after the completion of the wire transfer of the registration fees.

Registration to 3rd GDGU International Virtual Law and Technology Moot Court Competition, 2022 in association with Cyber Law University shall be deemed to be confirmed only on completion of all the formalities as specified under clause

Any failure, may be treated as withdrawal from the competition and no claim of what so ever nature shall be entertained thereafter.


Registration opening from

29th July, 2022

Final date of Registration

30th August, 2022

Clarification questions to be submitted

10th August, 2022

Clarifications released

20th August, 2022

Memorial Submission

10th September, 2022

Competition Dates

17th & 18th September, 2022

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