US-Mississippi | Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

On 29th March 2022, House Bill 770 was signed by the US Mississippi Governor and with this law, Mississippi becomes the final State to sign the law requiring equal pay for equal work for both the genders. The main purpose of this Act is to provide equal salary for equal work for both men and women. Employers has to pay equal remuneration for equal work in the establishment made by any gender. So, gender biased cases could be avoided in future.

All the employees of any gender is paid equal for equal job , except where the payment is made in pursuant to differential based on:

  1. A seniority system;
  2. A merit system;
  3. A system which measures earnings by quality and quantity of production; or
  4. Any other factor other than gender like:
    • Salary history or continuity of employment.
    • Extent to which the employee attempted to negotiate for higher wages as compared to employees of the opposite sex.
    • Competition with other employers for employee’s services as compared to employees of opposite sex in same establishment.

If any employer is found violating the above provision , then he is liable to award the employee with reasonable remedies, which may include Attorney’s fees, prejudgment interest, back pay and 100% of the difference of unpaid wages.

The Act shall take effect and be in force from and after 1st July, 2022.

*Disha Srivastava, Publication Assistant has reported this brief.

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