In view of the threat of the imminent third wave of the Covid pandemic and also the alarming rise in the number of Covid affected cases, the Court shall function with effect from 03-01-2022 in the following manner until further directions:

  • The Court proceedings shall be through virtual mode only. Hybrid mode is allowed only in respect of bail matters where public prosecutors will be allowed to be physically present with case diary and in other matters where Government and other Advocates are to produce or tender documents in court. Trial of suits by witness examination shall be suspended. Other proceedings in suits to continue.
  • Staff attendance shall not be more than 66 & 2/3 percent with rotational transferable duty. Non-essential departments may be suspended and their staff shall be utilised in essential departments.
  • The same system shall be followed in the District Courts as far as applicable and practicable.
  • The same system shall be followed in the Circuit Benches subject to adaptation by the Senior most Hon’ble Judge in Circuit.
  • The concerned stakeholders including Court-staff shall get themselves fully vaccinated and shall strictly adhere to the norms of social-distancing and Covid-19 protocols, guidelines, directions etc. issued by the Government of India, the State Government, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and this Hon’ble Court from time to time.

Calcutta High Court

[Notice dt. 1-1-2022]

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