Writing is a proclivity that a lawyer must never detach from himself, and thus, each year, the Magazine Committee of Government Law College, Mumbai, organises a national level legal essay writing competition, The Dinesh Vyas Memorial Government Law College National Legal Essay Competition.

The Dinesh Vyas Memorial Government Law College National Legal Essay Competition is sponsored in the memory of Late Mr Dinesh Vyas, one of GLC’s most distinguished alumni, who obtained his LLB degree from Government Law College in 1967.

The Magazine Committee of the Government Law College now invites entries for the same. 
The topics this year are:

1. In light of the recent decisions of International Arbitration Courts in the Vodafone and Cairn Energy cases, discuss India’s tryst with international arbitration and the retrospective tax policies of the Indian government. 
2. Comment upon the glorification and normalization of mob justice and vigilantism in current media and its impact on the perception, in and outside India, of the legal system established by law in India.
3. With the Pandemic bringing India’s mental health crisis to the fore, discuss the existing laws related to Mental Health in India and the need for reform. 
4. Comment upon cyber snooping, with special reference to the Pegasus Spyware. 
5. The law of sedition: A boon or a bane? 

Word Limit:
3500 – 5000 words

The deadline for entries is 20th November 2021.

1st Place: Rs. 12,000/-  

2nd Place: Rs. 9,000/-   
3rd Place: Rs. 7,000/-

In case of any other queries, send an email to melawnge@glcmumbai.com
Sejal Loya+91 7769031654

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