LSAC Global | Webinar on ‘The Changing Landscape of Legal Profession: Law Re-defined’ [22nd October, 2021]

LSAC Global is committed to providing valuable global perspectives to law aspirants, law students and legal professionals in India to help them and their families make an informed decision. As done in previous administration, we will be hosting a series of webinars over the next few months leading to the LSAT—India online exam in 2022 with top Indian and international legal education leaders; covering the topics that impact present and future lawyers.

In 2020-2021 our webinars covered varied topics right from the career opportunities in corporate law firms in India in Legal Careers: the Indian Corporate Lawyer to whether Artificial Intelligence is enhancing diversity in the field of law or not in The Impact of AI on Diversity: The Bright and Dark side of AI in Law. While The Female Lead: Impact of Women in Law covered the women’s contribution to legal education, Law Re-imagined: Innovation and the Future of Legal Practice helped parents and students understand the everchanging landscape of the legal practice.

All these webinars and many more were incredibly successful as distinguished leaders from the India and International legal education community shared their insights & perspectives with the audience. The recordings for these webinars can be accessed through HERE and clicking on specific webinar info or by visiting our YouTube channel – HERE


The 1st webinar in the LSAC Global International Webinar series for the year 2021-22 is “The Changing Landscape of Legal Profession: Law Re-defined” which is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. IST, Friday, 22nd Oct 2021. 

The aim of the webinar is to help law aspirants understand the breadth of disruption and innovation impacting the legal academy and profession. We also aim to provide a glimpse into how law schools are reinventing their curriculum to prepare students for modern practice.

Our Panel consists of:

  1. Dean Danielle Conway, Dean and Donald J. Farage Professor of Law, Dickinson Law, The Pennsylvania State University
  2. Mr. Akshay Jaitly, President 262 Advisors and Co-founder Trilegal
  3. Dr.  Pritam Baruah, Dean School of Law, BML Munjal
  4. Mr. Eeshan Chaturvedi, Founder, EnviPol, Director, GPODS.

The session will be moderated by Ms. Aafreen Collaco, Asst. Director – University Engagements and Partnerships, LSAC Global.

Join us for a lively and informative discussion, with opportunity for audience Q&A with the panellists. You can send your questions for panellists in advance at You can register for the webinar by clicking here.

In case you are unable to connect, please click HERE

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