Rajasthan Government issues order for payment of contractual amount to Government personnel during lockdown

On July 05, 2021, the Finance Department of Rajasthan has issued an order for Payment of contractual amount to contractual, casual and outsourced persons of departments and other organizations of Government of Rajasthan during lockdown period due to COVID-19.

In order to avoid any undue hardships under the prevailing extraordinary circumstances, it has been decided by the Rajasthan Government that any such contractual, casual and outsourced persons, engaged as per applicable rules, in various Departments and other organizations of the State, who were staying at home in view of lockdown order due to COVID-19, will be treated as ‘on duty’ during such period of absence and the contractual amount would be paid accordingly.

The payment for the period of lockdown would be on the basis of average attendance of the person(s) immediately preceding two months of lockdown.

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