Increasing Diversity for Increasing Access (IDIA Charitable Trust) and Confederation of Alumni for National Law Universities (CAN Foundation) have tied-up through a Memorandum of Understanding (‘MoU’), in regard to one of CAN’s flagship projects, ‘Dhananjay’.

‘Dhananjay’ aims at facilitating meritorious law graduates in need of economic assistance who are driven by a passion to serve the society by serving as the harbingers of justice and pursuing a career in litigation.

‘Dhananjay’ provides an ‘incubatory support’ to budding, meritorious NLU graduates (from economically weaker families) who have the potential to raise the standards of the Bar in multiple ways. Under ‘Dhananjay’, a monthly stipend is provided to scholars which is aimed to act as a ‘sustenance allowance’ (INR 15,000 to INR 18,000) for the initial one year (or two years) of their practice in courts of law.

Given the alignment of their visions in regard to the promotion of students from underprivileged backgrounds, this MoU is in furtherance of the common objective of CAN and IDIA, and will be undertaken by inducting a selected lot of 3 IDIA scholars into the field of litigation. Pursuant to the MoU, IDIA shall recommend a pool of fresh IDIA scholars (who may be graduates, or students pursuing their final year to be graduated in 2021) to CAN for being granted support under ‘Dhananjay’. Consequently, CAN has undertaken to give preference to the scholars recommended by IDIA against 3 slots out of a total of 5-6 under ‘Dhananjay’. For this year, the support shall be extended for 10 months, from July 2021 to May 2022.

While the above tie-up is a synergistic step for both the organisations, it has been undertaken with the hope that it will prove to be inceptive for a relationship that will continue for long, and thus, impact numerous lives for the years to come.

Sharing his vision on the tie-up, Shishira Rudrappa (Managing Trustee, IDIA) stated that the objectives of CAN and IDIA will translate into reality through this MoU, which will prove instrumental in benefitting the young and dynamic minds, and enable them to chase their dreams, unscathed by financial hurdles. IDIA and CAN can collaborate on multiple fronts to multiply the effect of their efforts for their beneficiary students.

Siddharth R. Gupta (CEO, CAN Foundation) stated that this mutual effort between both the organisations is metaphoric to planting a sapling which is expected to grow into a gigantic tree in the years to come. CAN seeks to continue this project for decades, thus aiming to build prospective Senior Counsels at the Bar and Judges adorning the Bench, who shall ensure that the arm of justice efficiently reaches those who cannot afford it.

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