Bom HC | Deficient Remdesivir Drug and Oxygen to COVID-19 Patients: HC directs to hold meeting with manufacturers and procure

Bombay High Court: The Division Bench of Sunil B. Shukre and Avinash G. Gharote, JJ., addressed the suo motu public interest litigation raising concern with regard to a deficient supply of Remdesivir Drug and Oxygen Supply.

Bench stated that no solution has been found regarding the deficiency in the supply of Remdesivir drug and also oxygen to COVID hospitals in Nagpur City as well as the hospitals situated in the entire Vidarbha region.

Joint Commissioner, F.D.A Nagpur, Mr Kose informed the Court that there has been shortage in supply of the drugs by the manufacturing Companies and hence resulting in a shortage on making available the said drugs to all the COVID Hospitals.

Court’s earlier direction to the State with regard to releasing ten thousand vials of Remdesivir has also been partially complied and several reasons for non-compliance were laid down.

Bench observed that Joint Commissioner, F.D.A. and the Additional Collector, Nagpur, have started to shirk their responsibilities in giving succour and relief to COVID-19 patients.

Further, the Court requested Nagpur COVID-19 Committee to hold an emergency meeting immediately and to come back to the Court with some positive response on the said issue.

High Court emphasized that Nagpur COVID-19 Committee must take efforts to procure Remdesivir vials today itself in sufficient quantity and augment supply of oxygen to COVID Hospitals.

Noting the reports of malpractices, Bench advised the authorities to consider increasing frequency of checks, surprise raids and inspection.

Lastly while concluding the present order, Court held that the purpose of hearing was to make effective rendering of essential services to COVID patients and therefore, authorities concerned should not take any coercive actions against persons coming to the Court to assist the Court.

“…affidavits filed by the Joint Commissioner and Additional Collector today making contradictory statements and taking inconsistent stands would have to be ignored and opportunity would have to be given to both these Officers to come out with consistent and correct stands and also stating correct facts.”

Leave granted to file fresh affidavits. [Court on its own motion v. Union of India, 2021 SCC OnLine Bom 660, decided on 21-04-2021]

Advocates before the Court:

Mr.S.P.Bhandarkar, amicus curiae for petitioner.

Mr.U.M.Aurangabadkar, ASGI for respondent no.1. Mr.M.G.Bhangde, Sr. Cl. Assisted by Mr.D.P.Thakare, Addl. G.P. along with Mrs.Ketki Joshi, G.P for respondent nos. 2, 5, 6, 8 & 9.

Mr.S.M.Puranik, Advocate for respondent no.4. Mr.B.G.Kulkarni, Advocate for respondent no.10. Mr.C.S.Samundre, Advocate MADC.

Mr.M. Anilkumar, Advocate for Intervenor/applicant (C.A. No.5775 of 2021 & 692 of 2020 in P.I.L. No.4 of 2020). Mr.T.D.Mandlekar, Advocate for Intervenor/applicant (C.A. St.No.5806 of 2021 in P.I.L. No.10 of 2020).

Dr.P.K.Arora, in-person in CAO No.723 of 2021.

Mr.Ram Heda, Advocate for Applicants in Civil Applications C.AO. St. Nos. 4987 of 2021 and 4988 of 2021.

Mr.Nitin Lambat, Advocate for Railways.

(Ms Sushma Advocate for Respondent No.1 & Mr.J.B.Kasat, Advocate for Respondent No.4 in P.I.L. No.25 of 2020).

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