COVID-19 Surge | Complete Virtual Hearing at all Benches of Madhya Pradesh High Court till 24th April, 2021

Complete Virtual Hearing

Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court in addition to S.O.P dated 11-02-2021 and an additional S.O.P. dated 03-04-2021, further issued the following directions:

  • Cases listed from 08-04-2021 to 24-04-2021 shall be heard only through Virtual Hearing at Principal Seat Jabalpur and Benches at Indore and Gwalior and no physical hearing to be conducted.
  • No case files shall be accepted Physically through filing counters. In addition to e-filing, facility of category-wise Drop Boxes has been provided.
  • Advocates/Litigants requested to file Mention Memos only by assigning specific, correct and detailed reasons in only those cases, which involve extreme genuine urgency. Henceforth, only such Mention Memos shall be entertained which mention the reasons for pressing urgency.
  • Mention Memos to be dropped in the Drop Boxes and the e-mentioning via ‘Jitsi Video Conferencing Platform’ shall also be available.

Read the detailed notice here: LINK

Madhya Pradesh High Court

[Notice dt. 07-04-2021]

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