Kshitizz “horizon” is an NGO, formed by the students of Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam. Our team consists of law students and students from other streams from different institutions. It was created out of ambition and curiosity among the students to change the world. Kshitizz is India-based not-for-profit and non-political organisation. The motto is to bring change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth, old age and women and to promote empowerment, creativity, innovation, peace, harmony and 17 sustainable development goals of UN. The foundation of Kshitizz was laid down by Ujjwal Ashutosh and was strongly supported by his friends and faculties of Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam.

1. Please elaborate us on your interest to start Kshitizz NGO?

As Kshitizz is a collective concept and I was not all alone in initiating it. It was formed out of discussion that used to take place in the canteen of the university where people were interested in solving the problems. For me environment and education was always an important issue for example talk of this national law university (NLU) concept itself till date it is a dream for lot of people to manage even the fee for CLAT application. Even if someone somehow manages to crack CLAT, the annual fee charged by NLUs is beyond capacity and reach of lot of students.


2.As a student, how do you bring a balance to your academics as well as running an NGO?

For this, I would like to thank my faculty for having provided enough space, guidance and opportunities such that an average student like me could do something apart from academics. Undoubtedly, Sushree Sunanda and entire team of Kshitizz were continuously backing me up for my activities whether it be academics or NGO’s work.


3. What are you currently working on, if you could tell something about your current activities for Kshitizz?

Right now we have started a revolution to bring public education system back on track and we are forming eco-troopers which will continuously work to save environment. Also, we are working on women’s health and hygiene where we are going to different villages every month making them aware on menstrual health followed by distribution of sanitary pads.


4. How do you think your law school experience helps you in running this NGO?

It was “law and poverty” taught by Zain Saleh which actually founded the base and motivation for the formation of the organisation and apart from this, the way faculties helped me right from drafting the bye-laws to the funding for activities and the way they encouraged me to stand away from the regular league of mooting, debating, etc. and the contacts that I built due to NLU’s tag was something that were perks of studying in NLU so I would say law school experience nurtures you to find your interest  and groom that.


5. Tell us what about you, and your NGO that you think, makes you stand out from other social welfare organisations already existing?

I was always bothered about pollution and dysfunctional public education system and we as a team believe that lawyers and students have always given the best deserving change and revolution. We do not believe in charity but in empowerment and as education is best form of empowerment we have started a revolution to change the face of education system in India.


6. What are the challenges that you faced while working for Kshitizz?

Right from balancing my academics to the language barrier and challenges created by already existing NGOs were among the topmost issues that we faced in the initial days but we had only one thing in mind i.e. “karna to hai” and that made our journey smooth.


7. What are the changes you are aiming to bring about through Kshitizz? What kind of a future do you envisage for Kshitizz?

Through Kshitizz we want to make our society concerned about education the basic necessity of a child and also to save environment and make India’s future ready to stand against any pandemic.


8. How can one be part of Kshitizz or contribute to Kshitizz?

The process to join the team is as easy as mailing us on kshitizz.757@gmail.com.

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