Amity Law School, Noida is ecstatic with excitement to welcome you all to the most awaited event The Indian and Asian rounds of Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition, 2021, this time virtually, wherein teams representing the top universities participate from all over the world.
We envision fostering the advancement of learning, teaching, and research in the field of law, justice, and governance. And inculcate the unique blend of theoretical knowledge with practical learning and skill enhancement among the students. Our skills, enthusiasm, spirit, and passion for mooting remain unbound even during the pandemic. And we, at Amity Law School, Noida aim at fulfilling the goal of fostering the extraordinary talent participating by providing an enthralling and comfortable experience.

“Without the spur of competition, we’d loaf out our life.” — Arnold Glasow

The history of the Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition provides an impressive aura that we hope pushes each of our competitors to their very best. The competition further boasts off a highly competitive pool of participants and endeavors to uphold the standards of excellence that have been set over the years. This provides the participants a platform to engage in intricate deliberations and discourse over International while improving their analytical skills, examining their advocacy skills, and broadening their knowledge horizon. The 2021 Jessup Problem concerns a global pandemic and the obligations and responses of states with respect to the outbreak. It will also involve the question of the jurisdiction of the Court, a desperate claim for political asylum by an alleged rogue scientist, and State responsibility for a suspicious aircraft explosion.

Mark your calendars from 27th February – 28th February 2021 and join us on our roller coaster journey. The Organising Committee invites you to stay updated with the event. We welcome the Judges, dignitaries, and participants, and hope that we are able to make this a memorable event for all. Stay tuned to catch all the happenings and live updates. We wish the participants luck and hope that you all ace it. Go forth and conquer!


A brief itinerary of the event is produced below:

Day 1: 27th February, Saturday

Preliminary Rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4

Day 2: 28th February, Sunday

Preliminary Rounds 5 and 6
Announcement of results for teams advancing to the Semi-Final rounds
Semi-Final rounds
Announcement of results for teams advancing to the Final rounds
Championship Match
Valedictory Ceremony and Prize Distribution scheduled to begin at 18:00 IST

8:55: As the new day greets us, sunshine in the sky mirrors hope in the heart of our participants. The whole Amity Family is abuzz with excitement! So, March on you storm troopers.

8:56: As the participants join the virtual courtrooms, there is a cloud of tension in the room. To all the teams we say, may the odds be ever in your favor!

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”
Stephen Hawking

9:00: And so has the ship waded from the ever standing waters to the mighty sea, the Preliminary Rounds have finally begun. The best is yet to come as the turbulence between the teams for the esteemed trophy has just begun. With fierce competition just beginning to be seen, the time ahead will be even more intense and intriguing.

9:04: The teams with their high spirits are presenting their arguments which they have relentlessly worked on.

9:15: With an unfettering zeal, the proceedings in all the courtrooms have duly begun.

9:17 As quoted by William Wycherly “Bluster, Sputter, Question, Cavil; but be sure your argument be intricate enough to confound the court.”
Just a few minutes in, and the questions have started pouring.

9:30: The competition has taken off in full steam. The ardor among the participants is on full display as the teams take on one another in a challenge, that is as exciting as it is invigorating. The session, for sure is set to get more engrossing

9:45: We can feel the tension build as the teams get competitive and ready to take on each other. The teams yet present stellar arguments which seem to be well researched.

10:00: The round is not a monologue but rather an engaging exchange of words between the judges and the oralists.

10:02: After an impeccable round of deliberations by the applicants, the ball is in the respondents’ court, and they seem to be invigorated enough to take this challenge head-on.

10:20: With the competition progressing, all participants are gearing up for further rounds. Their spirits are high and the enthusiasm is infectious.

10:27: Unwavering and precise are the rebuttals that have now begun.

10:30: The tension in the air is palpable as the second preliminary round begins.

10:36: The First Preliminary Round was just an inception of a wonderful event with neck and neck trams trying to outdo each other and narrowing their eyes on breaking -in!

10:41: The teams started their arguments without wasting an iota of time.

10:50: It is now time to test the legal wits as the adjudicators have begun the round of questioning. The oralists were thrown with intriguing questions to which they responded in a well-composed manner.

11:05: as the competition progresses, the Respondents in most courtrooms are ready with their arguments and prepared to stun.

11:46: Like a drowning man clutching at straws, the competitors make one last-ditch attempt to convey the strength of their case.

11:57: The timekeeper gave an indication about the time. The timekeeper would be sure one person the speakers loathe during the rounds. But it also shows how imperative it is on behalf of the oralists to take note of the time while addressing their speech.

12:00: After a fruitful session, the teams are now moving onto an intense session of rebuttals and sur rebuttals

12:06: The hour of sublime wisdom has arrived as the esteemed adjudicators provide invaluable suggestions to the team

12:15: The Second Preliminary Round has come to an end. We witnessed some very dedicated participants who put up a tough fight. The competition was cut-throat and we’re looking forward to the following rounds.

13:00: After the Second Preliminary Round, the teams are back for another round of mind-boggling deliberations and arguments. The round was scheduled for 1300 hours till 1430 hours. However, an hour’s hiatus between the two prelims didn’t break the string of vivacity of the teams.

13:01: The silence of the courtroom has been broken by the respective bailiffs as they protect their scripts.

13:30: The speakers are persuasive and are giving a tough fight. One can’t do anything but enjoy this cutthroat exchange of words between the two parties.

13:40: The judges are keen to know the core and crux of the oralist’s arguments.

13:50: The respondents are being questioned incessantly. The intense session of questioning is now a nail-biting session.

14:00: The competitors continue to be locked into a battle of their wits. “As humans, we have evolved to compete; it is in our genes, and we love to watch a competition.”Peter Diamandis, entrepreneur

14:25: With the arguments having come to an end, the teams are bracing themselves for another vigorous round of rebuttals and sur rebuttals.

14:35: With Round 3 having come to a successful close, the teams are gearing up for another invigorating round.

14:37:  There was no gap between the third and fourth preliminary round, which left certain teams with bated breath.

14:40: The teams seem to be meticulous and are taking care of minor nuances of arguments and protocols.

14:44: Rounds proceed with pointed questions, quick answers and a deft dispensation of authority and logic. The rounds are surely grueling.

15:20: Spirited respondents bolster themselves to ride with the punches and present impeccable arguments.

15:58: The counsels put forth amicable arguments in rebuttals and sur rebuttals.

16:10: As the day began with a promise of a thrilling exchange of hotly contested deliberations, going back and forth, we certainly got more than we hoped for — stimulating ideas, strongly-defended arguments, and an equally forceful defense and summations. The teams put forth a spectacular display of their skills while our esteemed judges never missed an opportunity to test the mettle of every participant with their pointed posers.

So as the sun comes down on Day 1 of these impressive proceedings, we look forward to another promising and even more nerve-racking Day 2, that will see the culmination of Rounds 5 and 6- providing to us the sharpest of the lot.

It was an exhilarating day that brought with it a lot of excitement and anticipation. All teams put up an exemplary performance. We are eager to head into Day 2 with the same verve and liveliness. With this, we sign off for today and hope to catch you tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Another day, another dawn, and the journey continues. We are back today with more live updates.

9:00: This International Court of Justice is now in session! It is a new day and the one-on-one battles between teams continue. Day 2 of preliminary rounds is just as heated as the first day. When there is so much preparation on both sides, that of the team and the judges, such high-quality mooting is to be expected!

9:20: A new day and newer outbursts of vigor are evident, the applicants take the court by storm, fiercely putting their arguments forward.

9:42: The rounds are attesting immensely flawless argumentation from the participating teams in almost all the courtrooms. There are deep involvement and indulgence by the teams as well as the adjudicators during the session.

10:10: With exuberant spirits and a vision to achieve success, the respondents are gearing up to fight back. Their perseverance is admirable and inspiring.

10:28: After an ardent and vehement exchange of arguments, the teams now proceed to rebuttals and sur rebuttals.

10:30: The penultimate preliminary round has come to an end, we were fortunate enough to witness their spirited arguments and determination to win.

10:35: The preliminary round 6 we all have looked forward to, have begun! The teams with their high spirits are presenting their arguments which they have relentlessly worked on for a long period of time, in front of our esteemed judges. It is the perfect opportunity to check out their knowledge and grip on the law.

10:50: The professionalism displayed by the participants is beyond their years, the teams have articulated their arguments efficiently and the defense has defended their stance equally. The judges have had to put their legal prowess to the test.

11:15: With their chance to present their arguments, the respondents step up to the plate with tenacity and eloquence.

11:58: It’s time for another round of rebuttals and sur rebuttals, after the arguments have come to an end. The teams look confident and assured.

12:10: With the Sixth Preliminary Round coming to a close, the teams are now set to embark on what can only be described as a photo finish, as we head into the semi-finals slated for today. We wish the teams luck as they buckle up for another ruthless round that will test their legal prowess.

12:15: The teams convene for the results of the preliminary round to be declared. The participants are hopeful yet anxious as they await the much-awaited results.

“There are always new, grander challenges to confront and a true winner will embrace each one.” – Mia Hamen

13:00: Fortune favors the brave, and the moment to etch the names of the bravest onto the niches of fate is finally here!
As the honorable jury members have made their irrevocable decisions, the following teams have made their way into the semifinals:

  • Courtroom 1: 445A vs. 429R
  • Courtroom 2: 303A vs. 608R

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” -Robert F Kennedy

We would like to express our heartiest congratulations to the teams qualifying for the Semi-Finals. We express our good wishes and gratitude to all the other participants for taking part in the event and giving it their all.

The crescendo tempo is building, as are the jitters, with the four teams inching closer to the finish line. The semi-finals will see the clash of the titans. We look forward to it!

Courtroom 1: 445A vs. 429R


13:20: The succession of the teams into the Quarter Finals have brought upon the solemnity and zeal of mooting.

13:26: The pleadings in courtroom 1 are taking an intense turn as it’s filled with fierce questions of the judges.

13:34: The counsel is confident even in the face of a list of unending questions being shot at him by the bench.

13:45: The judges are trying to fluster the speaker by questioning. There is an intense back and forth questioning going on in the court. The speaker is gathering the facts and thoughts and continuing with the arguments.

13:56: The judges are listening to the speaker intently and looking for an opportunity to question the speaker.

14:18: The respondents in this enthralling semi-final now have their chance to display their efforts in this high-pressure situation.

14:20: A fluent and uninterrupted start by the counsel.

14:25: The judges begin asking him questions about his contentions. The speaker keeps calm and tries to answer the judges.

14:42 The first speaker completes all the arguments and invited the co-counsel to proceed with the further submissions.

14:46: The speaker is articulate and thorough with the proposition.

The judges begin an onslaught of questions, but the agent provides full justice to the queries with her convincing arguments.

15:03: The high intensity, back and forth rebuttal round has begun. The Applicants come up with some really demolishing arguments against the Respondents. Every single rebuttal advanced by them were crisp and top-notch.

In response to the rebuttals, the Respondents gave apt replies which seemed to be convincing enough.

15:09: The court is adjourned.

Thus, bringing an end to the proceedings of Court Room 1.

The Judges give their valuable feedback to the teams.

The teams and the audience are asked to exit the courtroom so that the Judges can now deliberate over today’s proceedings.

Courtroom 2: 303A vs. 608R


13:20: With this being the semi-final round and everything at stake, the participants are ready to go back in the ring, and prove to everyone that they’re the ones who deserve to be at the top.

13:23: The mood in the courtroom is dictated by an air of seriousness and extreme focus. The counsel for the applicant began pleading with an air of confidence and so far no questions have been asked. The bench seems to be satisfied with the issues raised and the manner in which the substantiation for the said arguments is being done.

13:27: The true essence of mooting and the true battle of words is being witnessed here in Court Room 2

13:36: The counsel has very skillful handled the relentless and tedious questions from the bench. The judges are attempting to trick the counsel into going against his own argument, however, the counsel stands his ground.

14:20: The respondents have successfully established their momentum, their arguments flowing seamlessly.

14:30: The jury members have begun with their expert scrutiny, their questions keeping the respondents on their toes.

14:40: Speaker 2 exhibits intense legal prowess by providing a plethora of cases in her favour.

14:50: Amidst the sharp questions, the respondent continues with unwavering ease which seems to be growing with every passing moment

15:05: The rebuttal round has begun where both teams attempt to gain an advantage over the other utilizing every tool in their arsenal.

15:08: The courtroom sees a sharp exchange of rebuttals and replies as the applicants and respondents strive to have the final word.

15:10: After an intense session, the proceedings have finally come to an end as the Court is adjourned.

End to another gripping round. All the teams gave their best. But, there is only one top slot, and hence, only one team that will sport the victor’s crown. Two teams have blazed their way through the semi-finals, and are now poised to go head to head into the finals. May the best team win!

After so many rounds, the incredible display of legal skill, determination, and hard work has resulted in two teams rising above the rest, ready to battle it out in the final event of this prestigious competition. A hearty congratulations to both the teams, we look forward to seeing the championship match of 445 A vs 303 R.

The Final Round is going to begin. It is the beginning of the end. To everyone, we say, fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a ride to remember.

It is certainly not every day that we get to see what we are going to witness. Two teams, by the virtue of competence, perseverance, and maybe just a stroke of luck have reached the pedestal that all of the participants longed for.
With esteem, pride, and immense honour, the final session of the Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition: India and Asia Qualifying Rounds has officially begun!

The incredible bench presiding over the Championship Round includes;

  • Mr. Priyantha Gamage (Attorney at Law commissioner Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka)
  • Ms. Aishwarya Bhati (Addl. Solicitor general of India)
  • Mr. Richard Marshall (Chairman of the board Cinturion Group)

Round Updates:

16:00: The applicant is subjected to a barrage of scalding questions by the honourable jury which they answer to by an impressive analysis of facts and figures.

16:08: Speaker 2 comes with equal vigor and zest, and puts his contentions at the podium.

16:11: The jury has engrossed the applicant with questions that aim to strike the backbone of their legal arguments.

16:18: The participants show their mettle by being able to eloquently provide responses to the grueling inquiries the judges ask.

16:24: The questions are more stringent than ever, and so are the replies, incessantly rigorous to match the precision of the queries.

16:27: After an exhaustive interaction, the applicants have finally put their case to rest.

16:29: Exercising the principle of audi alteram partem, it is now the respondents that have occupied the podium with their fortified deliberations. It will be no easy feat to come out on top, but the talent on display from both sides so far in this competition guarantees us an enthralling match.

16:43: The adjudicators fire ballistic questions at the respondent which they very admirably seem to respond to

16:48: As the second speaker from the respondent’s side takes their place at the podium, the proceeding sees newer contentions.

16:59: As the respondent strives to achieve the satisfaction of the jury, they are questioned on procedural grounds by the esteemed jury members.

17;14: We have now reached the stage of rebuttals and the applicants ruthlessly begin the assault of questions.

17:19: The respondents begin the surrebuttals with confidence and scientific statistical data.

After a year of neverending wait, months of perseverance, and hours of debate, the final round of The Indian and Asian rounds of Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition, 2021 has concluded. We’ve seen an outstanding level of legal deliberation that every team that participated displayed. The finest of this country’s law students came together to dazzle us with their arguments. As the esteemed judge of the championship round, Mr. Richard Marshall graciously addressed the finalists and shared lighthearted moments with the other judges, he was quick to compliment the participants, labeling them to be part of the top one percent of law students around the world. It was a poignant end to a phenomenal competition, we congratulate the finalists for an incredible display!


After the curtain falls on the competition, it is time for the much-awaited Valedictory Ceremony where we will be graced by speeches from our esteemed guests, judges, and hosts as well as witness the prize distribution event. The virtual stage is ready for the audience to recognize the effort put in by the participants and to bring a close to the event.

18:00: The judges have joined the valedictory function.
18:05: The host announces the names of the Dignitaries who will be gracing our Valedictory Function and welcomes them.
18:13: Our Additional Director and Joint Head (Prof.) Dr. Shefali Raizada started addressing the gathering. She begins by welcoming everyone present for the occasion, further talking about the prestige and history behind the Philip C. Jessup competition and how proud Amity Law School, Noida is proud to host it again. She further appreciated all the teams who participated and praised the Moot Court Society and the Convenors for making this competition a success
18:17: Dr. Aditya Tomar our Additional Director, gave a welcome address. He warmly welcomed people from various disciplines to grace this event and share their insight on various issues. He said it is a matter of pride and privilege for Amity Law School Noida to have them on board. He welcomed Dr. Ashok Chauhan , our founder President and Dr. DK Bandopadhyay ,our Chairperson.
18:22: Dr. DK Bandopadhyay, our Chairperson, began his address by conveying his deepest admiration for the institution of ILSA. The chairperson further went on to discuss how Amity University, under the vision and guidance of the founder president, has changed the landscape of Indian Education, and how fortunate he is to be a part of it. He further talked about how great an honour it was to be working in conjunction with ILSA. He poignantly welcomes all the esteemed dignitaries gracious enough to join the ceremony. He wished the teams participating the best of luck for their results and thanked the faculty convenors for their hard work.
18:29: Mr. Steven Schneebaum, Former (and founding) Chairman of ILSA, said it was a great pleasure and honour to be a part of the event. He congratulated the participants on being a part of “borderless brotherhood,” that is, the Jessup community. He expressed his views on peace, stating that it depended on our ability to live together in harmony. He ended his speech with sharing the Jessup motto with us: In the future, world leaders will look upon the world differently because they met as friends here.
18:35: Mr Mark A. Luz truly gave us the delight of the evening by sharing the most heartwarming and inspiring story of his very own. As he said, Jessup is not just a Moot Court Competition, it is a feeling, a celebration of friendships, teamwork, and everlasting memories. As he said “civility and humility” are the biggest yet the most scarce attributes in the legal fraternity, something which the Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition duly offers. Laying emphasis on the unprecedented times, he beautifully elucidated how immensely amazing Jessup 2021 would be in the pages of time. A remarkable message from the most remarkable man.
18:43:Ms. Lesley Benn, the Executive Director of ILSA, shows us with her words that the Philip C. Jessup competition is more than a contest, it’s a community. She reminisces of what the event entailed last year; a glorious spectacle in Washington D.C, where each representative fights for the ultimate prize but reminds us that the pandemic cannot stop the community it has built. She informs us that the 2021 edition of this competition is making history, with  3000 law students, 1000 coaches, and 1500 judges for the global event, and the world has never been closer together. She specifically thanks Dr. DK Bandopadhyay and Dr. Bhavna Batra for their cooperation and excellent organization.  Her words resonate with the whole Jessup Community, which is growing evermore.
18:51: Mr Michael Peil is a man of congeniality and humility this evening when he graced the occasion with some of the kindest words for the organizing team. Referring to Dr. D.K. Bandopadhyay as his “co-conspirator” and Dr. Bhavna Batra’s eccentric charge of the event as a “comfort which makes him grace the occasion again” he provided the most beautiful thank you to the students and teams working as organizers of the event. Not only did he praised the effort of the organizers but also mentioned how marvelous the teams have been, a gracious address for all of us this evening.
18:59: Mr. Saju Jakob, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Solicitor-UK, and Germany, Member of Bar Council Germany started with greeting everyone in English, German, French, and Hindi. He highlighted the importance of mooting and the skills it helps us imbibe, including how to start an argument with a strong legal point, differentiating between thoughts and gaining clarity, and encouraging professionalism and ethics. He drew a contrast between how the law was thirty years ago and how it is now. It has no boundaries anymore and offers multiple opportunities. He ended with a very profound thought, “law is noble: we should practice it instead of malpracticing it.”
19:08: Hon’ble Mr. Justice Vibhu Bakhru, offered everyone present an important reminder, that moot court is more than a contest, it’s an experience. He exclaims that there are no real losers when it comes to competitions as such, the real victory comes from the attempt, where one puts in their effort and grows not only as a law student but as a person. He offered a moment of levity by claiming how thrilled he was that he did not have to adjudicate this problem, and offered appreciation to all those who put in the effort to solve it. He ends his address by thanking the incredible faculty of Amity, ILSA, and everyone associated with the competition who form the backbone, and without whom none of this would be possible.
19:14: Honourable Mr. Justice Jayant Nath of the Delhi High Court was particularly pleased by the conduct of students in the competition. Lauding the efforts of the organizing team, he appreciated how Jessup Moot Court Competition provides to law students, the best platform to exhibit their legal prowess. He also grew reminiscent of Jessup 2018 when he could physically interact with students yet expressed his hope to experience it again. His gracious presence was an honour.
19:20: Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw blessed the students and gave some recommendations to the students and ILSA. He believes that the main aim of a Law School should be to prepare students for real-life cases and real-life courtroom situations as the time they get to prepare for real cases is much less than what they get to prepare for a moot court competition. He appreciated the way the students presented their cases in this competition.
19:30: Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan Founder President, the creator of Amity Universe as addressed by Dr. DK Bandopadhyay, congratulated and complimented the participants and the faculty members of Amity Law School Noida.
He said that he feels extremely motivated listening to the speeches of the Hon’ble Judges and reading their Judgments. He thanked everyone at the end.

19:40: And with the last of these pearls of wisdom dispensed, it’s time for the moment we’ve all waited for, the Award Ceremony of the Competition.The eyes of the participant’s glimmer with hope combined with anxiousness as they eagerly await the results.

Award List:
  • Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Runner Up:

  • National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam


  • Team 429 – The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University
  • Team 445 – National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam
  • Team 608 – Government Law College, Mumbai
  • Team 303 – Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Top 8 teams:

  • Team 429 – The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University
  • Team 608 – Government Law College, Mumbai
  • Team 303 – Symbiosis Law School, Noida
  • Team 445 – National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam
  • Team 284 – Jindal Global Law School
  • Team 570 – Kirit P. Mehta School of Law
  • Team 354 – The W.B National University of Juridical Sciences
  • Team 467 – National Law University, Jodhpur


Top Oralists:
  1. Srijot Deb (Symbiosis Law School, Pune)
  2. Padmakshi Sharma (Symbiosis Law School, Pune)
  3. Hari Krishna P (The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University – School Of Excellence in Law)
  4. Umang Bhat Nair (National Academy for Legal Studies and Research, Hyderabad)
  5. Saisha Bacha (Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai)
  6. Varshini Sunder (Hidyatullah National Law University)
  7. Ashika Jain (The WB National University of Juridical Sciences)
  8. Aanchal Maheswari (Government Law College, Mumbai)
  9. Darshan Upadhyaya (National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam)
  10. Yagnesh Sharma (Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai)


19:50: National Administrator Dr. Bhavna Batra extended the Vote of Thanks. She started in her own traditional way by reciting the Gayatri Mantra and explained its significance and meaning to the members of ILSA.
She took the immense privilege to extend her Vote of Thanks to the Hon’ble Justices of Delhi High Court who graced the occasion with their presence. She thanked Ms. Lesley Benn and said that she is “an iron lady” and the driving force behind ILSA, carrying Jessup forward. She thanked the Founder President for his unwavering vision that has brought Amity to it’s current stature. She quoted “It does not matter who you are in life. What matters is who is by your side” for Dr. DK Bandopadhyay whom she called the Navigator of Amity Law School Noida. Lastly, she thanked Dr. Shefali Raizada and Dr. Aditya Tomar for their unflinching support and the Core members, Dr. Gouri Naik, Dr. Jane Eyre Mathew, and Mr. Rupendra Singh, and the Student Conveners, Tejaswini Pathak, Priyanshi Jha and Secretary Deepak Singh.

And so the door closes on another spectacular edition of the Philip, C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition. It would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of every individual involved. We witnessed phenomenal arguments, received pearls of wisdom from prominent legal personalities, and most importantly, we had a memorable experience. Amity University extends the heartiest gratitude to all the Judges, guests, participating teams, and college volunteers who worked day and night to mark their event as a memorable competition in the history of Mooting.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Media Team for The Indian and Asian rounds of Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition, 2021, signing off for the last time.

Special thanks to:

Chairman Amity Law School: Prof. (Dr.) D.K

Additional Director and Joint Head: (Prof.) Dr. Shefali Raizada

Additional Director and Joint Head: (Prof.) Dr. Aditya Tomer

Faculty Convener: Dr. Bhavna Batra

Core Faculty:
Dr. Gouri V. Naik
Mr. Rupendra Singh
Dr. Jane Eyre Mathew

Student Core Committee:

Convenor: Tejaswini Pathak

Deputy Convenor: Priyanshi Jha

Secretary: Deepak Singh

Student Editorial Committee:

Tanisha Singh
Ishaan Sahai
Ayush Sahay
Hardik Sharma
Vanshika Tewari
Anoushka Chowdhury
Vikramaditya Mendiratta
Shubhangi Mishra
Nishtha Wadhawan

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