Madras HC | If Advocate stickers are being misused for criminal activities by sticking it in vehicles to intimidate Police, why not ban the same? Court asks

Madras High Court: The Division Bench of N. Kirubakaran and B. Pugalendhi, JJ., addressed a matter wherein it was stated that the law students in order to escape from the police have been using the Advocate Stickers on their vehicles.

Counsel, M. Subash Babu took note on behalf of the Chairman, Bar Council of India, New Delhi and Nirajan S. Kumar, Counsel took notice of the Chairman, Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Petitioner’s Counsel alleged that the students who have been studying in the Law Colleges are using Advocate stickers by sticking them in their vehicles in order to escape from the police.

Adding to the above, many instances have been reported in the newspapers, in which goondas have missed the Advocate stickers while carrying the contrabands as well as for criminal activities.

Bench directed respondents to answer the following:

Whether the Advocate sticker is legally authorized and whether it has got legal sanction and why not this Court bans the Advocate sticker as it is being used for criminal activities by sticking it in the vehicles in order to intimidate the Police and escape from the cluthes of law.

[V. Ramesh v. Vice-Chancellor, Dr Ambedkar Law University,  2020 SCC OnLine Mad 5519, decided on 11-11-2020]

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  • Certainly the police will suspect the genuine advocate also, sticking such stickers in their vehicle, while some goondas and rowdies to escape crimes suddenly from the clutches of the police if they will use such stickers in their vehicles. There fore it is better to ban to stick such stickers, towhomever it be in the vehicles. And whatever it be, it is the duty of all citizens to prove their genuine identity whenever the police is asking …

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