Abhikalpa Ghosh and Pratyush Singh, who are 5th Year students studying in KIIT School of Law, wins 1st RGNUL- L&L Partners Energy Law Agreement Drafting Competition, 2020.
Speaking about their experience in the competition, they said:
“Pratyush and I were contemplating for long to participate in an event pertaining to energy laws. Considering that this practice area isn’t much explored by students during law school, we were very passionate about this competition, which was exactly the kind of challenge we were looking for. The problem statement was excellently drafted with special focus on crucial aspects surrounding PPAs such as term, tariff, leasing, force majeure, damages etc. To that extent, we would love to thank RGNUL, L&L  Partners and the entire CASEL team for presenting us with this unique opportunity that has tested not just our drafting skills, but also our ability to comprehend a challenging area of law. We are extremely happy that our efforts have paid off, and wish to thank all that have made this achievement possible.”

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