In conversation with the Winner of the September ProMoot on Contract Law

The winner of the September ProMoot on Contract Law is Ms. Vanshika Shroff (4th year law student at Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai) and the runner up is Mr. Rahul Nair (NUALS, Kochi.)

After successfully conducting two editions of ProMoot, the September ProMoot on Contract Law was concluded on 13th September 2020. With the enthusiasm and support of law students around the country, the third edition also saw massive participation of over 100 students. The Hon’ble judges and stalwarts of the bar graced the occasion with their presence.

In a rather candid conversation with our founder Ms. Sneha Nagaraj, the winner of the September ProMoot, Ms. Vanshika Shroff shared her experience about mooting.

When asked about what intrigued her to participate in a ProMoot, she responded with appreciating the structure of ProMoot, primarily, the aspect of research, ease of memorial making and the individual participant concept. She participated in two ProMoots wherein she was a finalist in the July ProMoot and the winner in the September ProMoot putting her right on top of the ProMooters leaderboard.

While addressing her own experience on why mooting is essential for every law student she said that understanding the facts, reading case laws, interpretation of the law followed by clarity of thought makes you learn and understand the law better. She also mentioned how mooting helps to read and understand lengthy case laws and motivates a student to dwell deep and fine tune research in order to convince a judge about the case.

For her, the most valuable takeaways was the scope of research for a ProMoot problem – since there is a restriction on the number of cases a participant can use in the ProMoot she had to narrow her research in order to be able to argue to the point without dodging, and the diversity of the panel of decorated members of bar and bench as judges in the competition. She shared how the level of questions from the bench went on a notch higher with every passing round and arguing before sitting and retired judges of the bar enthralled her and gave her an experience of a lifetime.

Her message to all law students is to work hard, practice moots, never give up and get bogged down by failure.

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