Albertian Foundation, in collaboration with the United Nations, hosted a Global Dialogue creation platform to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the UN. Aleena Anabelly A, a second-year law student at School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru was bestowed with the title of ‘Ambassador of Equality’ in the UN75 Global Dialogue Program. The competitions were conducted with the objective of advancing awareness about the unequal structures in the society.

The participants were initially asked to send a 10 minutes video on the topic – ‘Inequality-Bridging the divide’ and the best 10 participants were selected to the finals. The live finale took place in three rounds. In the first round – ‘Presentation round’, the participants shared their ideas and vision to dismantle unequal structures existing in the society. The primary round was followed by a ‘Deliberation round’ were the participants engaged in discussions and debates on the topic. This round ensured active and free engagement among the participants and incentivized them to share their lived experiences fearlessly. In the third round, i.e. ‘the call for action’ round, each participant suggested a prospective model for safeguarding equality and equitable distribution.

Subsequently, Aleena Anabelly A was adjudged as the best speaker and she won the title of ‘Ambassador of equality’.  She presented her ideas before two UN officials in a webinar conducted on 20th September, 2020. As a part of UN75 program she will be visiting the UN Center at Vienna.

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