The Society for Advancement of Criminal Justice at NUJS has released the 1st edition of its Annual Newsletter. The Newsletter titled The SACJ News Bulletin contains news, opinions and updates related to the field of Crimes, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice of the academic year 2019-20, i.e. from June 2019-20. 
About the Society for Advancement of Criminal Justice:
The Society for Advancement of Criminal Justice at NUJS is a premier academic society at NUJS working in the area of Criminal Law and its allied disciplines. Since its inception in the year 2005, the Society has focused to foster a conducive environment to promote discourse in its area of work. This discourse is aimed to be promoted through talks, lectures and panel discussions by dignitaries related to this field as well as by organising various academic competitions and focusing upon academic writing. 
The society is active on Facebook at HERE, on Instagram at HERE  and on Twitter at sacj_nujs. The society also has its own youtube channel where it live-streams its digital lectures at HERE  and its own website at
About the Newsletter:
The News bulletin released by the Society for Advancement of the Criminal Justice tries to incorporate all significant updates of the past year in the area of Criminal law and justice. Despite many news events taking place and legal verdicts being pronounced in the past year, there was absolutely nothing at one place to which every criminal law enthusiast can refer and update himself. This newsletter has been prepared with this aim of compiling details and headlines of every significant event that occurred in this area on a single platform. 
The newsletter, besides containing information about the events conducted and guests hosted by the SACJ in the past year, also contains snippets, editorials and op-eds on the field of Crimes and criminal law. The bulletin does not aim to restrict its access solely to the legal fraternity but also to the common man to whom any news of crime appeals the most. As per the words of Deepanshu Agarwal, the Convenor of the NUJS SACJ, “The aim of this newsletter is not to merely update the readers of the events that occurred in the area of crimes, criminals and criminal law, but to allow them to have their own opinion regarding the issue and write, debate, deliberate and discuss the same. Only this will allow the SACJ to fulfil its core objective of promoting discourse in its area”. 
The link to the newsletter is HERE

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