Project Dhananjay, announced earlier this year, aims to foster support to meritorious law graduates who wish to forge a career in litigation. The initiative assists willing and deserving minds to make a meaningful contribution to the Bar.
Under Project Dhananjay, a scholarly stipend on a monthly basis is awarded to eligible candidates, who are selected after a thorough two-tier process by a panel of eminent jurists and senior advocates from throughout the country.
Chitwan hails from Shivpuri, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. His interest in litigation began when he witnessed the daily struggles of the underprivileged around him. “Even a small effort from us, can mean a lot in their lives” is what Chitwan believes in when it comes to helping the underprivileged. Inspired by the thought that he could help address these exploitations and better the lives of these individuals, Chitwan set his mind on becoming a litigator. He completed his undergraduate course from NLSIU this year and is set to commence his litigation practice in New Delhi starting this year.
“I have seen certain sections of the society not having access to rights or resources, and the lack of information was only leading to further exploitation. This was my primary motivation for my interest in litigation which I highlighted in my essay,” said Chitwan, who is currently interning under NLS 1996 alum Justice Sunil Dutt Yadav at the Karnataka High Court.
Chitwan said that he’s immensely grateful to NLSIU for the freedom to pursue what he wanted. The learning, he said, had not just come from books, but his experiences as well. “NLSIU has always produced lawyers who achieved immense heights. This has inspired me to work toward keeping up this reputation and achieve to the best of my potential,” Chitwan said.

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