ICMR issues — Advisory on Rapid Antibody Blood Tests

1. ICMR advocates that RT-PCR throat/nasal swab test is the best use for diagnosis of COVID 19. RT-PCR test detects the virus early and is the best strategy to identify and isolate the individual.

2. Several States have procured rapid antibody test kits and on their demand, ICMR has also provided these kits with clear instructions that they are to be used only for surveillance purposes. Some States have raised issues regarding their performance during the testing exercise that they have undertaken.

3. ICMR, thereafter, has also evaluated the kits of Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech and Zhuhai Livzon Diagnostics in field conditions. The results have shown wide variation in their sensitivity, despite the early promise of good performance for surveillance purposes.

4. In view of this, States are advised to stop using these kits procured from the above- mentioned companies and return them to be sent back to the suppliers.

*Advisory can be accessed here: ADVISORY


[Advisory dated 27-04-2020]

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