Delhi Govt. notifies provision of “Emergency Parole” in emergent situations like threat of epidemic

No. F 18/191/2015/HG/1379-1392.—In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 71 of the Delhi Prisons Act (Delhi Act 2 of 2002), Hon’ble Minister of Home, Government of the National Capital territory of Delhi, is pleased to amend the Delhi Prison Rules, 2018, namely:-

1. In (i) and (ii) of the Rule 1202 of the Delhi Prisons Rules, 2018 :-

(i) for the words ‘Custody Parole &’ , the words “Custody Parole” shall be substituted .

(ii) for the words ‘Regular parole’, the words “Regular parole, Emergency parole.” shall be substituted .

2. After the Rule 1212 of the Delhi Prisons Rules, 2018, following Rule shall be inserted:-

1212A. Emergency Parole:

“Notwithstanding anything contained in the Rule 1210 or 1212, in the event of emergent situations like threat of epidemic, natural disaster or any other situation or circumstances which warrant immediate easing of population of the inmates in the prison, and, in order to secure the interest of inmates, the prison administration and the society at large, the Government may grant up to eight weeks parole in one spell in addition to the regular parole as provided in these Rules. This shall be subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by the Government. Further, it shall be the discretion of the Government to decide as to whether the period spent by the prisoner outside the prison on this emergency parole shall be counted towards the sentence of the prisoner or not.”

Government of NCT of Delhi

[Notification dt. 23-03-2020]

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