To prevent spread of Corona-virus (Covid-19) — J&K HC issues instructions with regard to functioning of Court

With a view to prevent spread of Corona-virus (Covid-19), Hon’ble High Court of Jammu and Kashmir has been pleased to issue the following instructions with regard to functioning of the High Court:-

1) The functioning in both the Wings of the High Court for the present from Monday, 16th March, 2020 upto Tuesday 31st March, 2020 shall be restricted to urgent matters.

2) Hearing of Cases

(i) The Advocates, litigants and parties in person shall mention their matter(s) by providing number and stage of the matter( s) on daily board, showing the urgency before the concerned Registrar Judicial through e-mail by 3:00 PM of the previous day and upon satisfaction about the urgency, the Court may hear such matter(s). The e-mail IDs are given as under:- (a) Registrar Judicial Jammu:- (b) Registrar Judicial Srinagar:-

(ii) In all other listed matters dates would be given by the Bench Secretaries and dates in such matters shall be communicated through e-Courts platform.

3) The Bar Associations and the Advocates shall make sure that entry of the litigants in the Court shall be restricted to the cases where the presence is unavoidable and in such cases only one person may be called.

4) The Bar Associations of both the Wings of the High Court shall ensure that there shall be no crowding in the Court complex including the lawyers’ chambers. They shall also defer all their public functions involving gathering.

5) The Advocates shall advise their clients not to visit the Court unless their presence is directed by the Court or is unavoidable.

6) Registrar Judicial of both the Wings of the High Court shall ensure sanitization of the complexes and availability of sanitizers in Court rooms and all other Sections of the Registry for the staff, and at some conspicuous places in the complexes for the Advocates and visitors.

7) Thermal screening of the visitors to the Court complexes shall be ensured through the officials of the Health Department posted in the respective Wings of the High Court.

8) All official functions involving gathering shall stand defened.

9) The Canteens and the Bar rooms will not remain operational till further orders.

10) Considering the importance of the safety measures for health, all concerned shall cooperate with the instructions of the staff on duty, in the interest of all.

Jammu and Kashmir High Court

[Circular dt. 16-03-2020]

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