Mohak Rana, alumnus NMIMS on pursuing LLM from University of New Hampshire School of Law

Mohak Rana is pursuing LLM from University of New Hampshire School of Law and is an alumni of NMIMS School of Law, Mumbai. He has been interviewed by EBC/SCC Online Student Ambassador Vanshika Doshar.

  1. Please tell about yourself and your professional experience?

My name is Mohak Rana, I earned my B.B.A. L.L.B.(Hons.) from KPM School of Law, NMIMS, Mumbai in 2018. Currently, I am pursuing my L.L.M. in Intellectual Property from UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law, NH, USA. I started my law practice in District and Sessions court of Dehradun after graduating from law school. I am also working on developing a web based IP solution platform-

2. Can you share some memories of your college days with us?

My journey of NMIMS has been a very interesting and challenging one. I was part of the pioneer batch for the law school, so it was upto us to set the standards and practices at law school. It becomes challenging when you do not have set standards or seniors to look upto for anything from notes to internships, but the plus point was the freedom to operate. We got enough opportunities to learn from our mistakes and perfecting them over 5 years. Now when I look back into those days, it amazes me that how the challenging yet learning environment of NMIMS shaped me into what I am today.

3.  What is your area of interest in the field of law?

I am interested in the field of Intellectual Property and that is the reason I came to pursue my LLM in IP from US. IP is one of the fastest developing field in India, and there are very less legal professionals with in depth knowledge about the nuances of the field.

4. Can you share your idea like how one should shape his profile during law school for higher studies from some world’s top universities?

There is no straight jacket formula for this. Getting into a foreign institution depends upon various factors. I was the avid mooter and highly enthusiastic person for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in law school. While I used to participate in these activities, I also made sure that my grades are also in good standing. I got the opportunity to learn from some great legal minds during law school internships over 5 years. That profile coupled with my 1 year experience helped me getting a good scholarship in one of the TOP 10 IP school of the world. That is what worked for me, If someone wants to take this path, they are more than welcome.

5. Apart from this any other experience or suggestions you would like to share?

I will suggest to actively take part in whatever learning opportunities you get at law school. Every activity or event gives you a lesson and helps you in developing not only your resume but personality as well. 5 years of law school might feel like hell with all that pressure of assignments, readings, presentation, exams, internships, and moot, but in the end it is totally worth it. Law school life is a wholesome experience so, do not stick with just one part of it, i.e., grades or some particular activity like mooting or cultural event. Try to go for a balanced approach where you maintain a good grade while participating in other activities.

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