EBC’s book on — International Organisations — Engulfs Post-Graduate students requirements under one umbrella!

This book on International Organisations authored by Prof. V. Rajyalakshmi is an immensely useful contribution to the literature on the subject. The contents of the book are organised in accordance with the UGC course contents prescribed for the subject of “International Organisations: Law, Practice and Future”. Accordingly, the book is divided into six parts.

The First Part deals with the Importance and Evolution of International Organisations and International Legal Personality. The Second Part is devoted to the discussion of the United Nations as a Constitutional and Political System. The Third Part focuses on Specialised Agencies and Other IGOs — Their Constitution, Functions and Significance. The Fourth Part of the book describes the importance of regional organisations and further the mandate, limitations and achievements of various regional organisations. Discussion on Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) is contained in Part Five. The Last and Sixth Part of the book is devoted to the detailed examination of Peaceful Change through the United Nations.

This book is specifically tailored to meet the academic requirements of post-graduate students of law (LL.M.) pursuing specialised studies in the subject of international law. This book provides the much-awaited reading material for the students and other interested readers for developing a comprehensive understanding of the subject of International Organisations and also leaves a stimulating urge to further develop and advance learning.

Table Of Contents:

Part I

Importance and Evolution of International Organisations and International Legal Personality

1. Importance, Nature and Evolution of International Organisations

Part II

United Nations as a Constitutional and Political System

2. United Nations—Foundation and Constitution

Part III

Specialised Agencies and Other IGOs — Their Constitution, Functions and Significance

3. UN Specialised Agencies and Other IGOs

Part IV

Political Process and Regional Organisations

4. Regional Organisations

xvi international organisations

Part V

Non-governmental Organisations

5. Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Part VI

Peaceful Change through United Nations

6. UN and Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

Subject Index

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